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2020Protein Kinase CK2 Controls CaV2.1-Dependent Calcium Currents and Insulin Release in Pancreatic β-cellsScheuer, Rebecca; Philipp, Stephan Ernst; Becker, Alexander; Nalbach, Lisa; Ampofo, Emmanuel; Montenarh, Mathias; Götz, Claudia
2020The impact of capsaicinoids on APP processing in Alzheimer's disease in SH-SY5Y cellsGrimm, Marcus O.W.; Blümel, Tamara; Lauer, Anna A.; Janitschke, Daniel; Stahlmann, Christoph; Mett, Janine; Haupenthal, Viola J.; Miederer, Anna-Maria; Niemeyer, Barbara A.; Grimm, Heike S.; Hartmann, Tobias
2020How to Study the Metabolism of New Psychoactive Substances for the Purpose of Toxicological Screenings — A Follow-Up Study Comparing Pooled Human Liver S9, HepaRG Cells, and Zebrafish LarvaeWagmann, Lea; Frankenfeld, Fabian; Park, Yu Mi; Herrmann, Jennifer; Fischmann, Svenja; Westphal, Folker; Müller, Rolf; Flockerzi, Veit; Meyer, Markus R.
2020Estimation of the Adhesion Interface Performance in Aluminum-PLA Joints by Thermographic Monitoring of the Material Extrusion ProcessBechtel, Stephan; Meisberger, Mirko; Klein, Samuel; Heib, Tobias; Quirin, Steven; Herrmann, Hans-Georg
2020Eutectic modification by ternary compound cluster formation in Al-Si alloysBarrirero, Jenifer; Pauly, Christoph; Engstler, Michael; Ghanbaja, Jaafar; Ghafoor, Naureen; Li, Jiehua; Schumacher, Peter; Odén, Magnus; Mücklich, Frank
2020Management of hyperkalaemia in acute kidney injury in a heart failure patient with patiromerSlawik, Jonathan; Dederer, Juliane; Kindermann, Ingrid; Böhm, Michael
2020Adherence to Antihypertensive Drugs Assessed by Hyphenated High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Oral FluidsLauder, Lucas; Ewen, Sebastian; Kunz, Michael; Richter, Lilian H. J.; Jacobs, Cathy M.; Kindermann, Ingrid; Böhm, Michael; Meyer, Markus R.; Mahfoud, Felix
2020Molecular epidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of Clostridioides difficile detected in chicken, soil and human samples from ZimbabweBerger, Fabian K.; Mellmann, Alexander; Bischoff, Markus; von Müller, Lutz; Becker, Sören L.; Simango, Clifford; Gärtner, Barbara
2020Cancer-associated fibroblasts stimulate primary tumor growth and metastatic spread in an orthotopic prostate cancer xenograft modelLinxweiler, Johannes; Hajili, Turkan; Körbel, Christina; Berchem, Carolina; Zeuschner, Philip; Müller, Andreas; Stöckle, Michael; Menger, Michael D.; Junker, Kerstin; Saar, Matthias
2020Results of advanced core decompression in patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head depending on age and sex—a prospective cohort studySerong, Sebastian; Haversath, Marcel; Tassemeier, Tjark; Dittrich, Florian; Landgraeber, Stefan
2020Why Self-Report Measures of Self-Control and Inhibition Tasks Do Not Substantially CorrelateWennerhold, Lasse Henning; Friese, Malte
2020Effect of physical stimuli on hair follicle deposition of clobetasol-loaded Lipid NanocarriersAngelo, Tamara; El-Sayed, Nesma; Jurisic, Marijas; Koenneke, Aljoscha; Gelfuso, Guilherme M; Cunha-Filho, Marcilio; Taveira, Stephania F; Lemor, Robert; Schneider, Marc; Gratieri, Tais
2020Running During Encoding Improves Word Learning for ChildrenAmico, Gianluca; Schäfer-Cerasari, Sabine
2020Electrochemical Disinfection of Dental Implants Experimentally Contaminated with Microorganisms as a Model for PeriimplantitisKoch, Maximilian; Göltz, Maximilian; Xiangjun, Meng; Karl, Matthias; Rosiwal, Stefan; Burkovski, Andreas
2020Microstructural evolution during heating of CNT/Metal Matrix Composites processed by Severe Plastic DeformationAristizabal Alvarez, Katherine; Katzensteiner, Andreas; Bachmaier, Andrea; Mücklich, Frank; Suarez Vallejo, Sebastian
2020Noninvasive monitoring of liver fat during treatment with GLP‐1 analogues and SGLT‐2 inhibitors in a real‐world settingMittag‐Roussou, Vasiliki; Wagenpfeil, Stefan; Lammert, Frank; Stokes, Caroline S.
2020Spectroscopic investigations of negatively charged tin-vacancy centres in diamondGörlitz, Johannes; Herrmann, Dennis; Thiering, Gergő; Fuchs, Philipp; Gandil, Morgane; Iwasaki, Takayuki; Taniguchi, Takashi; Kieschnick, Michael; Meijer, Jan; Hatano, Mutsuko; Gali, Adam; Becher, Christoph
2020Translation of two-photon microscopy to the clinic: multimodal multiphoton CARS tomography of in vivo human skinKönig, Karsten; Breunig, Hans Georg; Goncalves Batista, Ana Maria; Schindele, Andreas; Zieger, Michael; Kaatz, Martin
2020Analysis of Current Ripples in Electromagnetic Actuators with Application to Inductance Estimation Techniques for Sensorless MonitoringKönig, Niklas; Nienhaus, Matthias; Grasso, Emanuele
2020Effect of Sample Size and Crystal Orientation on the Fatigue Behaviour of Single Crystalline MicrobeamsRafael Velayarce, Jorge; Motz, Christian
2020Analysis of Secure Apps for Daily Clinical Use by German Orthopedic Surgeons: Searching for the "Needle in a Haystack"Dittrich, Florian; Beck, Sascha; Harren, Anna Katharina; Reinecke, Felix; Serong, Sebastian; Jung, Jochen; Back, David Alexander; Wolf, Milan; Landgraeber, Stefan
2020rAAV-Mediated Overexpression of SOX9 and TGF-β via Carbon Dot-Guided Vector Delivery Enhances the Biological Activities in Human Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stromal CellsMeng, Weikun; Rey-Rico, Ana; Claudel, Mickaël; Schmitt, Gertrud; Speciher-Mentges, Susanne; Pons, Françoise; Lebeau, Luc; Venkatesan, Jagadeesh K.; Cucchiarini, Magali
2020Intracellular Ca2+ Concentration and Phosphatidylserine Exposure in Healthy Human Erythrocytes in Dependence on in vivo Cell AgeBernhardt, Ingolf; Nguyen, Duc Bach; Wesseling, Mauro C.; Kästner, Lars
2020The Use of Nanomaterials in Tissue Engineering for Cartilage Regeneration; Current Approaches and Future PerspectivesEftekhari, Aziz; Maleki Dizaj, Solmaz; Sharifi, Simin; Salatin, Sara; Rahbar Saadat, Yalda; Zununi Vahed, Sepideh; Samiei, Mohammad; Ardalan, Mohammadreza; Rameshrad, Maryam; Ahmadian, Elham; Cucchiarini, Magali
2020Analysis and Application of the Direct Flux Control Sensorless Technique to Low-Power PMSMsGrasso, Emanuele; Palmieri, Marco; Mandriota, Riccardo; Cupertino, Francesco; Nienhaus, Matthias; Kleen, Stephan
2020A Possible Mobile Health Solution in Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery: Development Protocol and User Evaluation of the Ankle Joint AppDittrich, Florian; Back, David Alexander; Harren, Anna Katharina; Jäger, Marcus; Landgraeber, Stefan; Reinecke, Felix; Beck, Sascha
2020Exhaled Volatile Organic Compounds during Inflammation Induced by TNF-α in Ventilated RatsAlbrecht, Frederic; Maurer, Felix; Müller-Wirtz, Lukas M.; Schwaiblmair, Michaela Hedwig; Hüppe, Tobias; Wolf, Beate; Sessler, Daniel I.; Volk, Thomas; Kreuer, Sascha; Fink, Tobias
2020Thioholgamide A, a New Anti-Proliferative Anti-Tumor Agent, Modulates Macrophage Polarization and MetabolismDahlem, Charlotte; Siow, Wei Xiong; Lopatniuk, Maria; Tse, William K. F.; Kessler, Sonja M.; Kirsch, Susanne H.; Hoppstädter, Jessica; Vollmar, Angelika M.; Müller, Rolf; Luzhetskyy, Andriy; Bartel, Karin; Kiemer, Alexandra
2020A Mechanistic, Enantioselective, Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model of Verapamil and Norverapamil, Built and Evaluated for Drug–Drug Interaction StudiesHanke, Nina; Türk, Denise; Selzer, Dominik; Wiebe, Sabrina; Fernandez, Éric; Stopfer, Peter; Nock, Valerie; Lehr, Thorsten
2020A Solution to Ambiguities in Position Estimation for Solenoid Actuators by Exploiting Eddy Current VariationsKönig, Niklas; Nienhaus, Matthias
2020The Marine-Derived Triterpenoid Frondoside A Inhibits Thrombus FormationAmpofo, Emmanuel; Später, Thomas; Nalbach, Lisa; Menger, Michael D.; Laschke, Matthias W.
2020Anti-correlation of HER2 and focal adhesion complexes in the plasma membraneWeinberg, Florian; Han, Mitchell Kim Liong; Dahmke, Indra Navina; del Campo Bécares, Aránzazu; de Jonge, Niels
2020Learning to Argue From Others’ Erroneous Arguments – Fostering Argumentation Competence Through Learning From Advocatory ErrorsKlopp, Eric; Stark, Robin
2020Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Stability of Supersaturated Solid Solution Co-Rich Nanocrystalline Co-Cu Produced by Pulsed ElectrodepositionPratama, Killang; Barrirero, Jenifer; Mücklich, Frank; Motz, Christian
2020How Monitor Characteristics Affect Human Perception in Visual Computer Experiments: CRT vs. LCD Monitors in Millisecond Precise Timing ResearchRohr, Michaela; Wagner, Alexander
2020Classification of Bainitic Structures Using Textural Parameters and Machine Learning TechniquesMüller, Martin; Britz, Dominik; Ulrich, Laura; Staudt, Thorsten; Mücklich, Frank
2020A Polyclonal Immune Function Assay Allows Dose-Dependent Characterization of Immunosuppressive Drug Effects but Has Limited Clinical Utility for Predicting Infection on an Individual BasisMarx, Stefanie; Adam, Claudia; Mihm, Janine; Weyrich, Michael; Sester, Urban; Sester, Martina
2019A novel gain-of-function mutation of Piezo1 is functionally affirmed in red blood cells by high-throughput patch clampRotordam, Maria G.; Fermo, Elisa; Becker, Nadine; Barcellin, Wilma; Brüggemann, Andrea; Fertig, Niels; Egée, Stéphane; Rapedius, Markus; Bianchi, Paola; Kästner, Lars
2019Untargeted metabolomics by high resolution mass spectrometry coupled to normal and reversed phase liquid chromatography as a tool to study the in vitro biotransformation of new psychoactive substancesManier, Sascha K.; Keller, Andreas; Schäper, Jan; Meyer, Markus R.
2019Effect of Sec61 interaction with Mpd1 on endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation.Pereira, Fabio; Rettel, Mandy; Stein, Frank; Savitski, Mikhail M.; Collinson, Ian; Römisch, Karin
2019Role of Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 1 in Glucocorticoid-Driven Anti-inflammatory ResponsesHoppstädter, Jessica; Ammit, Alaina J.
2019Combining Soft Polysilazanes with Melt-Shear Organization of Core–Shell Particles: On the Road to Polymer-Templated Porous CeramicsBoehm, Anna K.; Ionescu, Emanuel; Koch, Marcus; Gallei, Markus
2019The mRNA-binding Protein TTP/ZFP36 in Hepatocarcinogenesis and Hepatocellular CarcinomaKröhler, Tarek; Kessler, Sonja M.; Hosseini, Kevan; List, Markus; Barghash, Ahmad; Patial, Sonika; Laggai, Stephan; Gemperlein, Katja; Haybaeck, Johannes; Müller, Rolf; Helms, Volkhard; Schulz, Marcel H.; Hoppstädter, Jessica; Blackshear, Perry J.; Kiemer, Alexandra
2019Facets of Communication: Gap Junction Ultrastructure and Function in Cancer Stem Cells and Tumor CellsBeckmann, Anja; Hainz, Nadine; Tschernig, Thomas; Meier, Carola
2019SNP and indel frequencies at transcription start sites and at canonical and alternative translation initiation sites in the human genomeNeininger, Kerstin; Marschall, Tobias; Helms, Volkhard
2019Drosophila Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase (Hipk) Phosphorylates the Homeodomain Proteins Homeobrain, Empty Spiracles, and Muscle Segment HomeoboxSteinmetz, Eva Louise; Dewald, Denise Nicole; Luxem, Nadine; Walldorf, Uwe
2019Translational PBPK Modeling of the Protein Therapeutic and CD95L Inhibitor Asunercept to Develop Dose Recommendations for Its First Use in Pediatric Glioblastoma PatientsHanke, Nina; Kunz, Claudia; Thiemann, Meinolf; Fricke, Harald; Lehr, Thorsten
2019STIM-Orai Channels and Reactive Oxygen Species in the Tumor MicroenvironmentFrisch, Janina; Angenendt, Adrian; Hoth, Markus; Prates Roma, Leticia; Lis, Annette
2019Protein Kinase CK2—A Putative Target for the Therapy of Diabetes Mellitus?Ampofo, Emmanuel; Nalbach, Lisa; Menger, Michael D.; Montenarh, Mathias; Götz, Claudia
2019Analysis and Exploitation of the Star-Point Voltage of Synchronous Machines for Sensorless OperationGrasso, Emanuele; Mandriota, Riccardo; König, Niklas; Nienhaus, Matthias
2019Topology Consistency of Disease-specific Differential Co-regulatory NetworksNazarieh, Maryam; Rajula, Hema Sekhar Reddy; Helms, Volkhard
2019Kinetic and spectroscopic responses of pH-sensitive nanoparticles: influence of the silica matrixClasen, Anne; Wenderoth, Sarah; Tavernaro, Isabella; Fleddermann, Jana; Kraegeloh, Annette; Jung, Gregor
2019Effects of Arteriovenous Fistula on Blood Pressure in Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease: A Systematic Meta-AnalysisScholz, Sean S.; Vukadinović Davor, Davor; Lauder, Lucas; Ewen, Sebastian; Ukena, Christian; Townsend, Raymond R; Wagenpfeil, Stefan; Böhm, Michael; Mahfoud, Felix
2019Low voltage operation of a silver/silver chloride battery with high desalination capacity in seawaterSrimuk, Pattarachai; Husmann, Samantha; Presser, Volker
2019Prevalence of Giardia intestinalis Infection in Schistosomiasis-Endemic Areas in South-Central MaliFofana, Hassan K.M.; Schwarzkopf, Maren; Doumbia, Mama N.; Saye, Rénion; Nimmesgern, Anna; Landouré, Aly; Traoré, Mamadou S.; Mertens, Pascal; Utzinger, Jürg; Sacko, Moussa; Becker, Sören L.
2019Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Nuclear Paraspeckles: Induction in Chemoresistance and Prediction for Poor SurvivalKeßler, Sonja Maria; Hosseini, Kevan; Hussein, Usama Khamis; Kim, Kyoung Min; List, Markus; Schultheiß, Christina S.; Schulz, Marcel H.; Laggai, Stephan; Jang, Kyu Yun; Kiemer, Alexandra
2019Connexins and Gap Junctions in Cancer of the Urinary TractTschernig, Thomas
2019Substitution of cysteines in the yeast viral killer toxin K1 precursor reveals novel insights in heterodimer formation and immunityGier, Stefanie; Lermen, Matthias; Schmitt, Manfred J.; Breinig, Frank
2019Toll-Like Receptor 2 Release by Macrophages: An Anti-inflammatory Program Induced by Glucocorticoids and LipopolysaccharideHoppstädter, Jessica; Dembek, Anna; Linnenberger, Rebecca; Dahlem, Charlotte; Barghash, Ahmad; Fecher-Trost, Claudia; Fuhrmann, Gregor; Koch, Marcus; Kraegeloh, Annette; Huwer, Hanno; Kiemer, Alexandra
2019Early evaluation of corneal collagen crosslinking in ex-vivo human corneas using two-photon imagingGoncalves Batista, Ana Maria; Breunig, Hans Georg; Hager, Tobias; Seitz, Berthold; König, Karsten
2019Mathematical modeling of drug-induced receptor internalization in the HER2-positive SKBR3 breast cancer cell-lineFehling-Kaschek, Mirjam; Peckys, Diana B.; Kaschek, Daniel; Timmer, Jens; de Jonge, Niels
2019IGF2 mRNA Binding Protein 2 Transgenic Mice Are More Prone to Develop a Ductular Reaction and to Progress Toward CirrhosisCzepukojc, Beate; Abuhaliema, Ali; Barghash, Ahmad; Tierling, Sascha; Naß, Norbert; Simon, Yvette; Körbel, Christina; Cadenas, Cristina; van Hul, Noemi; Sachinidis, Agapios; Hengstler, Jan G; Helms, Volkhard; Laschke, Matthias W.; Walter, Jörn; Haybaeck, Johannes; Leclercq, Isabelle; Kiemer, Alexandra; Keßler, Sonja Maria
2019Studies on the in vitro and in vivo metabolism of the synthetic opioids U-51754, U-47931E, and methoxyacetylfentanyl using hyphenated high-resolution mass spectrometryNordmeier, Frederike; Richter, Lilian H. J.; Schmidt, Peter H.; Schaefer, Nadine; Meyer, Markus R.
2019High prevalence of ESBL-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae in clinical samples from central Côte d'IvoireMüller-Schulte, Eloise; Tuo, Marie Nonfra; Akoua-Koffi, Chantal; Schaumburg, Frieder; Becker, Sören L.
2019Modeling and Optimizing Energy Supply and Demand in Home Area Power Network (HAPN)Minhas, Daud Mustafa; Frey, Georg
2019Image quality to estimate ventricular ejection fraction by last year medical students improves after short courses of trainingHüppe, Tobias; Groesdonk, Heinrich Volker; Volk, Thomas; Wagenpfeil, Stefan; Wallrich, Benedict
2019Electrochemical Disinfection of Experimentally Infected Teeth by Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode TreatmentBöhm, Anna-Lena; Koch, Maximilian; Rosiwal, Stefan; Burkovski, Andreas; Karl, Matthias; Grobecker-Karl, Tanja
2019Influence of In-Situ Electrochemical Oxidation on Implant Surface and Colonizing Microorganisms Evaluated by Scanning Electron MicroscopyGöltz, Maximilian; Koch, Maximilian; Detsch, Rainer; Karl, Matthias; Burkovski, Andreas; Rosiwal, Stefan
2019Effects of rAAV-Mediated sox9 Overexpression on the Biological Activities of Human Osteoarthritic Articular Chondrocytes in Their Intrinsic Three-Dimensional EnvironmentDaniels, Oliver; Frisch, Janina; Venkatesan, Jagadeesh K.; Rey-Rico, Ana; Schmitt, Gertrud; Cucchiarini, Magali
2019Spatio-Temporal Neural Changes After Task-Switching Training in Old AgeDörrenbächer, Sandra; Schütz, Chiara; Woirgardt, Marc; Wu, C. Carolyn; Zimmer, Hubert D.; Kray, Jutta
2019Does intraoperative bone density testing correlate with parameters of primary implant stability? A pilot study in minipigsGrobecker-Karl, Tanja; Palarie, Victor; Schneider, Sonja; Karl, Matthias
2019Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Disiloxa[3]tetrelocenophanesWirtz, Lisa; Jourdain, Matthias; Huch, Volker; Zimmer, Michael; Schäfer, André
2019Insulin-like growth factor 1 stimulates the angiogenic activity of adipose tissue-derived microvascular fragmentsLaschke, Matthias W.; Kontaxi, Elena; Scheuer, Claudia; Heß, Alexander; Karschnia, Philipp; Menger, Michael D.
2019Stability of Propofol (2,6-Diisopropylphenol) in Thermal Desorption Tubes during Air TransportMaurer, Felix; Geiger, Martin; Volk, Thomas; Sessler, Daniel I.; Kreuer, Sascha; Hüppe, Tobias
2019Micromechanical investigations of CVD coated WC-Co cemented carbide by micropillar compressionEl Azhari, Idriss; García, José; Zamanzade, Mohammad; Soldera, Flavio; Pauly, Christoph; Motz, Christian; Llanes, Luis; Mücklich, Frank
2019ClpC affects the intracellular survival capacity of Staphylococcus aureus in non-professional phagocytic cellsGunaratnam, Gubesh; Tuchscherr, Lorena; Elhawy, Mohamed I.; Bertram, Ralph; Eisenbeis, Janina; Spengler, Christian; Tschernig, Thomas; Löffler, Bettina; Somerville, Greg A; Jacobs, Karin; Herrmann, Mathias; Bischoff, Markus
2019The Evolution of Erythrocytes Becoming Red in Respect to FluorescenceHertz, Laura; Ruppenthal, Sandra; Simionato, Greta; Quint, Stephan; Kihm, Alexander; Abay, Asena; Petkova-Kirova, Polina; Boehm, Ulrich; Weissgerber, Petra; Wagner, Christian; Laschke, Matthias W.; Kästner, Lars
2019Maslinic acid alleviates ischemia/reperfusion-induced inflammation by downregulation of NFκB-mediated adhesion molecule expressionAmpofo, Emmanuel; Berg, Julian J.; Menger, Michael D.; Laschke, Matthias W.
2019Predictors of Refugee Adjustment: The Importance of Cognitive Skills and PersonalityHahn, Elisabeth; Richter, David; Schupp, Jürgen; Back, Mitja D.
2019Micro-RNA 150-5p predicts overt heart failure in patients with univentricular heartsAbu-Halima, Masood; Meese, Eckart; Saleh, Mohamad Ali; Keller, Andreas; Abdul-Khaliq, Hashim; Raedle-Hurst, Tanja
2019The N-terminus of Sec61p plays key roles in ER protein import and ERADElia, Francesco; Yadhanapudi, Lalitha; Tretter, Thomas; Römisch, Kari
2019Enabling a new method of dynamic field-effect gas sensor operation through lithium-doped tungsten oxideRodner, Marius; Bastuck, Manuel; Schütze, Andreas; Andersson, Mike; Huotari, Joni; Puustinen, Jarkko; Lappalainen, Jyrki; Sauerwald, Tilman
2019Low miR-150-5p and miR-320b Expression Predicts Reduced Survival of COPD PatientsKeller, Andreas; Ludwig, Nicole; Fehlmann, Tobias; Kahraman, Mustafa; Backes, Christina; Kern, Fabian; Vogelmeier, Claus F.; Diener, Caroline; Fischer, Ulrike; Biertz, Frank; Herr, Christian; Jörres, Rudolf A.; Lenhof, Hans-Peter; Bals, Robert; Meese, Eckart
2019Micro-RNA signatures in monozygotic twins discordant for congenital heart defectsAbu-Halima, Masood; Weidinger, Josephin; Poryo, Martin; Henn, Dominic; Keller, Andreas; Meese, Eckart; Abdul-Khaliq, Hashim
2019Propofol Versus 4-hydroxybutyric Acid in Pediatric Cardiac CatheterizationsSauer, Harald; Gruenzinger, Laura; Pfeifer, Jochen; Graeber, Stefan; Abdul-Khaliq, Hashim