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2015A corpus-based exploration of connector usage in native and non-native English writingCollet, Caroline E.; Ankerstein, Carrie A.
2015Comments on Anglicisms in Spanish and their receptionSchmidt, Selina; Diemer, Stefan
2015“Politik, die du sagt” : eine linguistische Analyse der politischen Wahlwerbesprache 2013 im Vergleich mit ProduktwerbespracheMakarova, Tatiana; Scherzinger, Jakob
2013German pupils’ awareness of English-French cognates and false friends : an investigation of L2 to L3 transferBrunner, Marie-Louise B.; Ankerstein, Carrie A.
2013Do you hear what I hear? : a comparison of phoneme perception in native and Saarlandian German nonnative speakers of EnglishAnkerstein, Carrie A.; Morschett, Raphael
2013Creating and maintaining perspectives and identities in narratives with gesture space and gestural handednessPereira, Gerardine M.
2013Letter from the SWPL Editors-in-ChiefAnkerstein, Carrie A.; Pereira, Gerardine M.
2013Whatever happened to the English prefix, and could it stage a comeback? A corpus-based investigationDiemer, Stefan
2009Wir bleiben Kanzlerin — We are Pregnant? : On grammatical, semantic and pragmatic usages of the "we" pronounDu Bois, Inke
2009It's all a bit upmessing - non-standard verb-particle combinations in blogsDiemer, Stefan
2009Ratifying and rejecting listener assessments in the course of multi-unit turnsNorrick, Neal R.
2008I'm sorry, I've no doubt I've offended someone here : interactional repair in a public mesage board discussion threadKleinke, Sonja
2008Drops in lingua-cultural voltage? : Culture and language varieties in the German dub of the Italian comedy Ieri, oggi e domaniNauert, Sandra
2008Das Internet als Korpus? : Aktuelle Fragen und Methoden der KorpuslinguistikDiemer, Stefan
2008Organisation von Redebeiträgen : phonetische Merkmale von glattem Übergang und Fortführung von RedebeiträgenKöser, Stephanie
2007A sociolinguistic analysis of swear word offensivenessBeers Fägersten, Kristy
2007Editorial Saarland Working Papers in Linguistics (SWPL)Gerhardt, Cornelia
2007Music and foreign language pronunciationCallender, Craig
2007On the comprehension of extremely fast synthetic speechTrouvain, Jürgen