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2008Integrating ethnographic, multidimensional, corpus linguistic and systemic functional approaches to genre description : an illustration through university history and engineering assignmentsGardner, Sheena
2008Principles underlying the experiential and the logical structures of the nominal group in PortugueseFigueredo, Giacomo; Araújo, Cristiano; Pagano, Adriana
2008Charles C. Fries, linguistics and corpus linguisticsFries, Peter H.
2008Multimodal genre and cross-linguistic comparison : pack messagesThomas, Martin
2008Small corpus, great institution - and an attempt to understand themHeikkinen, Vesa; Lounela, Mikko
2008Some ways of looking into a multilingual corpusJohansson, Stig
2008Discourse organisation through Theme positionHo-Dac, Lydia-Mai
2008Bakhtinian perspectives : discourse and identityGatt, Iris Marie
2008Idioms in example-based machine translationAnastasiou, Dimitra
2008The use of grammatically annotated corpora for the display of textual patternsBizjak Koncar, Aleksandra
2008Methodological issues of data analysis and interpretation in a discourse based study on the system of Theme in KoreanKim, Mira
2008A fresh view of the structure of hard news storiesMahlberg, Michaela; O'Donnell, Matthew Brook
2008Validating a model of information structure in written English through a reading protocolMoore, Nick
2008A corpus-based study of Thai persuasive texts : a transitivity analysis of talisman advertisementsPatpong, Pattama Jor
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 14 von 14