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Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 9582
Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2022Generalized Damping Model for MEMS Oscillators from Molecular to Viscous Flow RegimeZengerle, Tobias; Ababneh, Abdallah; Seidel, Helmut
2022Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Biological Activities of Organically Templated Cobalt Phosphite (H2DAB)[Co(H2PO3)4]·2H2OHamdi, Najlaa; Chaouch, Souad; da Silva, Ivan, et al
2022Sci: An Inclusive, Multidisciplinary Scientific JournalAbdin, Ahmad Yaman; Jacob, Claus
2022Entwicklung von Visus, Refraktion und Astigmatismus nach Phototherapeutischer Keratektomie bei Epithel-Basalmembran-Dystrophie : Vergleich der Excimerlaser von Zeiss Meditec und Schwind AmarisAdams, Christian
2022Risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission from on-field player contacts in amateur, youth and professional football (soccer)Schreiber, Sebastian; Faude, Oliver; Gärtner, Barbara, et al
2022Augapfeltätowierungen oder „eyeball tattoos“. Ein neuer extremer Trend der KörpermodifikationRamsthaler, F.; Trouvain, A.; Birngruber, C. G., et al
2022Phototherapeutische Keratektomie bei EpithelBasalmembran-Dystrophie Einfluss verwendeter Excimerlaser-Systeme auf die Entwicklung von Visus, Refraktion und AstigmatismusAdams, C.; Mahler, S. B. C.; Daas, L., et al
2022Cytology-based Cancer Surgery of the Head and Neck (CyCaS-HN): a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trialLinxweiler, Maximilian; Körner, Sandrina; Wemmert, Silke, et al
2022Diagnostics and prognostic evaluation in renal cell tumors: the German S3 guidelines recommendationsJunker, Kerstin; Hallscheidt, Peter; Wunderlich, Heiko, et al
2022Kognitive Langzeitentwicklung nach Delir auf neurologischer Intensivstation und Stroke UnitStein, Leila Viktoria
2022Langzeitergebnisse nach anatomischer Rekonstruktion der bikuspiden AortenklappeHofmann, Christopher
2022How phosphorylation of peptides affects their interaction with 14-3-3η domainsKünzel, Nicolas; Helms, Volkhard
2022Towards Interpretable Machine Learning for Automated Damage Detection Based on Ultrasonic Guided WavesSchnur, Christopher; Goodarzi, Payman; Lugovtsova, Yevgeniya, et al
2022Interaction of Glia Cells with Glioblastoma and Melanoma Cells under the Influence of PhytocannabinoidsHohmann, Urszula; Walsleben, Christoph; Ghadban, Chalid, et al
2022Table tennis expertise influences dual-task costs in timed and self-initiated tasksSchaefer, Sabine; Amico, Gianluca
2022Effects of biocompatible encapsulations on the acoustic characteristics of CMUTsOevermann, Jorge
2022Long-Term Follow-Up of Survivors of Extracorporeal Life Support Therapy for Cardiogenic Shock: Are They Really Survivors?Berger, Rafal; Nemeth, Attila; Sandoval Boburg, Rodrigo, et al
2022Systemic Mastocytosis Treatment with Midostaurin: [18F]FDG PET/CT as a Potential Monitoring Tool for Therapy OutcomeBurgard, Caroline; Rosar, Florian; Khreish, Fadi, et al
2022Root Canal Obturation by Electrochemical Precipitation of Calcium PhosphatesKoch, Maximilian; Palarie, Victor; Göltz, Maximilian, et al
2022Prenatal Diagnosis of Bovine Aortic Arch Anatomic VariantPleș, Liana; Cîrstoveanu, Cătălin; Sima, Romina-Marina, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 9582