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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2024The human ability to interpret affective states in horses’ body language: The role of emotion recognition ability and previous experience with horsesBraun, Moritz Nicolai; Müller-Klein, Alicia; Sopp, M. Roxanne, et al
2024Drug solubility in biorelevant media in the context of an inhalation-based biopharmaceutics classification system (iBCS)Floroiu, Andreea; Loretz, Brigitta; Krämer, Johannes, et al
2024Atomistic origins of deformation-induced structural anisotropy in metaphosphate glasses and its influence on mechanical propertiesAtila, Achraf; Bitzek, Erik
2024Numerical investigation and response surface optimization of a sorption heat storage systems performance using Y-shaped finsAbohamzeh, Elham; Hosseinizadeh, Seyed Ehsan; Frey, Georg
2024Effects on cardiorespiratory fitness of moderate-intensity training vs. energy-matched training with increasing intensityReuter, Marcel; Rosenberger, Friederike; Barz, Andreas, et al
2024In Vitro Handling Characteristics of a Particulate Bone Substitute for Ridge Preservation ProceduresDahl, Samira; Klär-Quarz, Virgilia; Schulz, Annika, et al
2024Familial context influences media usage in 0- to 4-year old childrenPaulus, Frank W.; Joas, Jens; Friedmann, Anna, et al
2024Retentive Behavior of Locator versus Ball Attachments on Parallel versus Non-Parallel ImplantsOrujov, Kamran; Roth, Daniel; Karl, Matthias, et al
2024Aspherical, Nano-Structured Drug Delivery System with Tunable Release and Clearance for Pulmonary ApplicationsPioch, Tomas; Fischer, Thorben; Schneider, Marc
2024A Relaxed Horse—A Relaxed Client? An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Therapy Horses’ Stress on Clients’ Stress, Mood, and AnxietyMüller-Klein, Alicia; Braun, Moritz Nicolai; Ferreira de Sá, Diana S., et al
2024Neutrophils in HNSCC Can Be Associated with Both a Worse or Favorable PrognosisBrunkhorst, Hendrik; Schnellhardt, Sören; Büttner-Herold, Maike, et al
2024Design-Dependent Electrophysiological Effects of Electrolysis Electrodes Used for Endodontic DisinfectionBauer, Reinhard; Ringel, Johannes; Koch, Maximilian, et al
2024Stationary particle currents in sedimenting active matter wetting a wallMangeat, Matthieu; Chakraborty, Shauri; Wysocki, Adam, et al
2024Salami slicing and other kinds of scientific misconduct: A faux pas for the author, a disaster for scienceKöstenbach, Tamara; Oransky, Ivan
2024Elucidation of unusual biosynthesis and DnaN-targeting mode of action of potent anti-tuberculosis antibiotics MycoplanecinsFu, Chengzhang; Liu, Yunkun; Walt, Christine, et al
2023Glucose Homeostasis and Pancreatic Islet Size Are Regulated by the Transcription Factors Elk-1 and Egr-1 and the Protein Phosphatase CalcineurinThiel, Gerald; Rössler, Oliver G.
2023Matrix Metalloproteinases in Cardioembolic Stroke : From Background to ComplicationsWysocka, Anna; Szczygielski, Jacek; Kopańska, Marta, et al
2023Quantification of exhaled propofol is not feasible during single-lung ventilation using double-lumen tubes : A multicenter prospective observational trialHüppe, Tobias; Kreuer, Sascha; Wulf, Hinnerk, et al
2023Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes for Solid Lubrication of Highly Loaded ContactsMacLucas, Timothy; Klemenz, Andreas; Grünewald, Patrick, et al
2023Development and Integration of DOPS as Formative Tests in Head and Neck Ultrasound Education : Proof of Concept Study for Exploration of PerceptionsWeimer, Johannes Matthias; Rink, Maximilian; Müller, Lukas, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Year of Publication in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 16206

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