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2024Data TheftBrodowski, Dominik
2024Biochemical and transcriptomic evaluation of a 3D lung organoid platform for pre-clinical testing of active substances targeting senescenceBrand, Michelle; Ritzmann, Felix; Kattler, Kathrin, u.a.
2024Prevalence of KIG-grades 3–5 in an orthodontic practice in North Rhine Westphalia compared with results of the DMS•6 and with KZBV dataKinzinger, Gero Stefan Michael; Hourfar, Jan; Lisson, Jörg Alexander
2024Projektbericht: Summa Cum Fraude – Wissenschaftliches Fehlverhalten und der Versuch einer Gegenoffensive. Öffentlicher TeilHerb, Ulrich; Holtsch, Anne; Jacobs, Karin, u.a.
2024Change of glucometabolic activity per PSMA expression predicts survival in mCRPC patients non-responding to PSMA radioligand therapy: introducing a novel dual imaging biomarkerBurgard, Caroline; Engler, Jakob; Blickle, Arne, u.a.
2024Calcium Electroporation versus Electrochemotherapy with Bleomycin in an In Vivo CAM-Based Uveal Melanoma Xenograft ModelTsimpaki, Theodora; Anastasova, Ralitsa; Liu, Hongtao, u.a.
2024Nanofat Accelerates and Improves the Vascularization, Lymphatic Drainage and Healing of Full-Thickness Murine Skin WoundsLimido, Ettore; Weinzierl, Andrea; Ampofo, Emmanuel, u.a.
2024Differential Regulation of Circadian Clock Genes by UV-B Radiation and 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D: A Pilot Study during Different Stages of Skin PhotocarcinogenesisLamnis, Leandros; Christofi, Christoforos; Stark, Alexandra, u.a.
2024A Narrative Review on Maternal Choline Intake and Liver Function of the Fetus and the Infant; Implications for Research, Policy, and PracticeObeid, Rima; Schön, Christiane; Derbyshire, Emma, u.a.
2024Cilostazol Stimulates Angiogenesis and Accelerates Fracture Healing in Aged Male and Female Mice by Increasing the Expression of PI3K and RUNX2Menger, Maximilian M.; Emmerich, Maximilian; Scheuer, Claudia, u.a.
2024Safety and Efficacy of Selective Internal Radionuclide Therapy with 90Y Glass Microspheres in Patients with Progressive Hepatocellular Carcinoma after the Failure of Repeated Transarterial ChemoembolizationBellendorf, Alexander; Mader, Nicolai; Mueller, Stefan P., u.a.
2024Expectation-based retrieval and integration in language comprehensionAurnhammer, Christoph
2024A functional perspective on schema-based learning and recognition of novel word associationsMeßmer, Julia Anuschka
2024Short-Term Effect of Rose Bengal Photodynamic Therapy (RB-PDT) on Collagen I, Collagen V, NF-κB, LOX, TGF-β and IL-6 Expression of Human Corneal Fibroblasts, In VitroChai, Ning; Stachon, Tanja; Berger, Tim, u.a.
2024Dkk1 as a Prognostic Marker for Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response in Breast Cancer PatientsKasoha, Mariz; Steinbach, Anna K.; Bohle, Rainer M., u.a.
2024The Gárdos Channel and Piezo1 Revisited: Comparison between Reticulocytes and Mature Red Blood CellsPetkova-Kirova, Polina; Murciano, Nicoletta; Iacono, Giulia, u.a.
2024A Novel Cre Recombinase Mouse Strain for Cell-Specific Deletion of Floxed Genes in Ribbon Synapse-Forming Retinal NeuronsSuiwal, Shweta; Wartenberg, Philipp; Boehm, Ulrich, u.a.
2024Grasping Foreign and Security Policy Change: Paterns and Conditons of Change Among Liberal DemocraciesBöller, Florian; Wenzelburger, Georg
2024Across-task binding: The development of a representation in learning a continuous movement sequencePanzer, Stefan; Pfeifer, Christina; Daniel, Luca, u.a.
2024Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio and early seizures after ischemic stroke: A case-control studyEbner, Lea; Lochner, Piergiorgio; Lattanzi, Simona, u.a.
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 16360

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