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2018Relational cost analysisÇiçek, Ezgi
2018Gaze and Peripheral Vision Analysis for Human-Environment Interaction: Applications in Automotive and Mixed-Reality ScenariosMoniri, Mohammad Mehdi
2018From perception over anticipation to manipulationLi, Wenbin
2018Integrated timing verification for distributed embedded real-time systemsMontag, Pascal
2018Architectures for ubiquitous 3D on heterogeneous computing platformsTamm, Georg
2018Computational haplotyping : theory and practiceGarg, Shilpa
2018Understanding regulatory mechanisms underlying stem cells helps to identify cancer biomarkersNazarieh, Maryam
2018Cryptographic techniques for privacy and access control in cloud-based applicationsReinert, Manuel
2018A tale of two packing problems : improved algorithms and tighter bounds for online bin packing and the geometric knapsack problemHeydrich, Sandy
2018Compositional compiler correctness via parametric simulationsNeis, Georg
2018Image manipulation against learned models : privacy and security implicationsOh, Seong Joon
2017High-quality face capture, animation and editing from monocular videoGarrido Adrian, Pablo Alejandro
2017Metastability-containing circuits, parallel distance problems, and terrain guardingFriedrichs, Stephan
2017Superposition: Types and InductionWand, Daniel
2017Knowledge-driven entity recognition and disambiguation in biomedical textSiu, Amy
2017Preliminaries for distributed natural computing inspired by the slime mold Physarum PolycephalumDirnberger, Michael
2017People detection and tracking in crowded scenesTang, Siyu
2017Probabilistic graphical models for credibility analysis in evolving online communitiesMukherjee, Subhabrata
2017Image classification with limited training data and class ambiguityLapin, Maksim
2017Analysis and improvement of the visual object detection pipelineHosang, Jan
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 1110