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Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 1118
2018Relational cost analysisÇiçek, Ezgi
2018Gaze and Peripheral Vision Analysis for Human-Environment Interaction: Applications in Automotive and Mixed-Reality ScenariosMoniri, Mohammad Mehdi
2018From perception over anticipation to manipulationLi, Wenbin
2018Integrated timing verification for distributed embedded real-time systemsMontag, Pascal
2018Architectures for ubiquitous 3D on heterogeneous computing platformsTamm, Georg
2018Computational haplotyping : theory and practiceGarg, Shilpa
2018Understanding regulatory mechanisms underlying stem cells helps to identify cancer biomarkersNazarieh, Maryam
2018Cryptographic techniques for privacy and access control in cloud-based applicationsReinert, Manuel
2018A tale of two packing problems : improved algorithms and tighter bounds for online bin packing and the geometric knapsack problemHeydrich, Sandy
2018Compositional compiler correctness via parametric simulationsNeis, Georg
2018Image manipulation against learned models : privacy and security implicationsOh, Seong Joon
2018Correctness of multi-core processors with operating system supportLutsyk, Petro
2018Dynamic adaptive video streaming with minimal buffer sizesShuai, Yongtao
2018Gaze estimation and interaction in real-world environmentsZhang, Xucong
2018Nonlocal evolutions in image processingCardenas, Giovanno Marcelo Renato
2018Mining SandboxesJamrozik, Konrad
2018Unirationality of moduli spaces of curves with pencilsKeneshlou, Hanieh
2017High-quality face capture, animation and editing from monocular videoGarrido Adrian, Pablo Alejandro
2017Metastability-containing circuits, parallel distance problems, and terrain guardingFriedrichs, Stephan
2017Superposition: Types and InductionWand, Daniel
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 1118