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Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 1983
2021European Public Prosecutor's Office : Regulation (EU) 2017/1939 implementing enhanced cooperation on the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office ("the EPPO") : article-by-article commentaryBurchard, Christoph; Herrnfeld, Hans-Holger; Brodowski, Dominik
2021Article 106 Legal status and operating conditionsBrodowski, Dominik
2021A MACEing silicon: Towards single-step etching of defined porous nanostructures for biomedicineAlhmoud, Hashim; Brodoceanu, Daniel; Elnathan, Roey, u.a.
2021Micropatterned soft hydrogels to study the interplay of receptors and forces in T cell activationZhang, Jingnan; Zhao, Renping; Li, Bin, u.a.
2021Antigones umstrittenes Enthymem (Soph. Ant. 904–912) bei Aristoteles und GoetheRiemer, Peter
2021Effect of pore geometry on ultra-densified hydrogen in microporous carbonsTian, Mi; Lennox, Matthew J.; O’Malley, Alexander J., u.a.
2021Antimony alloying electrode for high-performance sodium removal: how to use a battery material not stable in aqueous media for saline water remediationArnold, Stefanie; Wang, Lei; Budak, Öznil, u.a.
2021Bridging Boundaries between Systemic Functional Linguistics and Translation Studies: An Interview with Erich Steiner (Part I)Steiner, Erich; Wang, Bo; Matthiessen, Christian M.I.M., u.a.
2021Translation, equivalence and cognitionSteiner, Erich
2021Integration and the Mechanistic Triad: Producing, Underlying and Maintaining Mechanistic ExplanationsKästner, Lena
2021Bundling of Nanowires Induced by Unbound LigandBettscheider, Simon; Kuttich, Björn; Engel, Lukas F., u.a.
2021Nanoscale friction and growth of surface oxides on a metallic glass under electrochemical polarizationMa, Haoran; Bennewitz, Roland
2021Particle encapsulation techniques for atom probe tomography of precipitates in microalloyed steelsWebel, Johannes; Weber, Louis; Vardo, Emina, u.a.
2021Breakdown of continuum models for spherical probe adhesion tests on micropatterned surfacesBettscheider, Simon; Yu, Dan; Foster, Kimberly L., u.a.
2021Structural and chemical characterization of MoO2/MoS2 triple-hybrid materials using electron microscopy in up to three dimensionsFrank, Anna; Gänsler, Thomas; Hieke, Stefan, u.a.
2021Visualization of the structure of native human pulmonary mucusMeziu, Enkeleda; Koch, Marcus; Fleddermann, Jana, u.a.
2021Thiol-methylsulfone-based Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation: Reactivity Optimization of Aryl-methylsulfone Substrate for Fine-tunable Gelation Rate and Improved Stabilitydel Campo Bécares, Aránzazu; Pearson, Samuel; Gläser, Alisa, u.a.
2021Describing cyber-physical systems using production characteristics and methodical integration into virtual commissioningIllmer, Benjamin; Vielhaber, Michael
2021GreenTrail – A Sustainable Mobility Concept Advisor (SMCA) ToolKaspar, Jerome; Mohnke, Jonas; Vielhaber, Michael
2020Detecting single ORAI1 proteins within the plasma membrane reveals higher-order channel complexesAlansary, Dalia; Peckys, Diana B.; Niemeyer, Barbara A., u.a.
Ressourcen der Sammlung (Sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr): 1 bis 20 von 1983