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Title: Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Biological Activities of Organically Templated Cobalt Phosphite (C4N2H14)Co(H2PO3)4·2H2O
Author(s): Hamdi, Najlaa
Chaouch, Souad
Silva, Ivan da
Ezahri, Mohamed
Lachkar, Mohammed
Alhasan, Rama
Abdin, Ahmad Yaman
Jacob, Claus
Bali, Brahim El
Language: English
Title: Sci
Volume: 1
Year of Publication: 2019
Free key words: hybrid phosphite
crystal structure
thermal behavior
biological activities
DDC notations: 570 Life sciences, biology
Publikation type: Other
Abstract: A novel hybrid phosphite [(C4N2H14)Co(H2PO3)4·2H2O] was synthesized with 1,4- diaminobutane (dabn) as a structure-directing agent using slow evaporation method. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis showed that it crystallizes in the triclinic system (S.G: P-1, #2) with the following unit cell parameters (Å, °) a = 5.4814 (3), b = 7.5515 (4), c = 10.8548 (6), α = 88.001 (4), β = 88.707 (5), γ = 85.126 (5). The crystal structure was built up from corner-sharing [CoO6]-octahedrons, forming chains parallel to [001], which are interconnected by H2PO3 pseudo-pyramid units. The diprotonated 1,4-diaminobutane molecules, residing between the parallel chains, interacted with the inorganic moiety via hydrogen bonds leading thus to the formation of the 3D crystal structure. The Fourier transform infrared result exhibited characteristic bands corresponding to the phosphite group and the organic molecule. The thermal decomposition of the compound consists mainly of the loss of the organic moiety and the water molecules. The biological tests exhibited significant activity against Candida albicans and Escherichia coli strains in all used concentrations, while less activity was pronounced when tested against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, while there was no activity against the nematode model Steinernema feltiae.
DOI of the first publication: 10.3390/sci1010013.v1
Link to this record: urn:nbn:de:bsz:291--ds-278273
ISSN: 2413-4155
Date of registration: 9-Nov-2020
Notes: Received: 17January 2019; Accepted: 5 March 2019; Published: 12March 2019(Version 1, doi: 10.3390/sci1010013.v1)
Faculty: NT - Naturwissenschaftlich- Technische Fakultät
Department: NT - Pharmazie
Professorship: NT - Prof. Dr. Claus Jacob
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