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Title: Epstein-Barr Virus EBER Transcripts Affect miRNA-Mediated Regulation of Specific Targets and Are Processed to Small RNA Species
Author(s): Alles, Julia
Hasler, Daniele
Kazmi, Syed Mohammad Ali
Tesson, Mathias
Hamilton, Andrew
Schlegel, Linda
Marx, Stefanie
Eichner, Norbert
Reinhardt, Richard
Meister, Gunter
Wilson, Joanna B.
Grässer, Friedrich A.
Language: English
Title: Non-Coding RNA
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Startpage: 170
Endpage: 191
Publisher/Platform: MDPI
Year of Publication: 2015
DDC notations: 610 Medicine and health
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: The oncogenic Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) expresses 44 mature microRNAs and two non-coding EBER RNAs of 167 (EBER1) and 172 (EBER2) nt length. MiRNA profiling of NK/T cell lines and primary cells and Northern blotting of EBV-infected cell lines and primary tumors revealed processing of EBER1 to short 5′-derived RNAs of approximately 23, 52 and 70 nt (EBER123, EBER152, and EBER170) and of EBER2 to 3′ fragments. The biogenesis of these species is independent of Dicer, and EBER123 does not act like a miRNA OPEN ACCESS Non-Coding RNA 2015, 1 171 to target its complementary sequence. EBER1, EBER2 and EBER123 were bound by the lupus antigen (La), a nuclear and cytoplasmic protein that facilitates RNAi. Consistent with this, the EBERs affect regulation of interleukin 1alpha (IL1α) and RAC1 reporters harboring miR target sequences, targets of miR-142-3p. However, the EBERs have no effect upon another target of miR-142-3p, ADCY9, nor on TOMM22, a target of ebv-miR-BART16, indicative of selective modulation of gene expression by the EBERs.
DOI of the first publication: 10.3390/ncrna1030170
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ISSN: 2311-553X
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