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Title: Emotional misattribution : Facial muscle responses partially mediate behavioral responses in the emotion misattribution procedure
Author(s): Rohr, Michaela
Folyi, Timea
Wentura, Dirk
Language: English
Title: Psychophysiology
Volume: 55
Issue: 10
Publisher/Platform: Wiley-Blackwell - SSH
Year of Publication: 2018
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: There is ongoing debate regarding the degree to which, and the conditions under which, physiological, affect-related (i.e., embodied) processes contribute to emotion information processing. Whereas most studies focus on clearly visible and intentional processing conditions, the present study targeted this issue by studying the implicit processing of emotional (angry, fearful, joyful, neutral) faces in a masked emotion misattribution procedure. That is, participants had to categorize neutral-looking faces with regard to the allegedly felt emotion, which were preceded by a very briefly presented emotional expression. In addition to behavioral measures, facial muscle responses were obtained as an index of physiological, affect-related processes. Linear mixed-model mediation analyses confirmed that facial muscle responses partially mediated the behavioral responses to the masked primes in the misattribution task.
DOI of the first publication: 10.1111/psyp.13202
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Link to this record: hdl:20.500.11880/28403
ISSN: 1469-8986
Date of registration: 2-Dec-2019
Faculty: HW - Fakultät für Empirische Humanwissenschaften und Wirtschaftswissenschaft
Department: HW - Psychologie
Professorship: HW - Prof. Dr. Dirk Wentura
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