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Title: Active superelasticity in three-dimensional epithelia of controlled shape
Author(s): Latorre, Ernest
Kale, Sohan
Casares, Laura
Gómez-González, Manuel
Uroz, Marina
Valon, Léo
Nair, Roshna V.
Garreta, Elena
Montserrat, Nuria
del Campo Bécares, Aránzazu
Ladoux, Benoit
Arroyo, Marino
Trepat, Xavier
Language: English
Title: Nature : the international journal of science
Volume: 563
Issue: 7730
Startpage: 203
Endpage: 208
Publisher/Platform: Springer Nature
Year of Publication: 2018
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: Fundamental biological processes are carried out by curved epithelial sheets that enclose a pressurized lumen. How these sheets develop and withstand three-dimensional deformations has remained unclear. Here we combine measurements of epithelial tension and shape with theoretical modelling to show that epithelial sheets are active superelastic materials. We produce arrays of epithelial domes with controlled geometry. Quantification of luminal pressure and epithelial tension reveals a tensional plateau over several-fold areal strains. These extreme strains in the tissue are accommodated by highly heterogeneous strains at a cellular level, in seeming contradiction to the measured tensional uniformity. This phenomenon is reminiscent of superelasticity, a behaviour that is generally attributed to microscopic material instabilities in metal alloys. We show that in epithelial cells this instability is triggered by a stretch-induced dilution of the actin cortex, and is rescued by the intermediate filament network. Our study reveals a type of mechanical behaviour-which we term active superelasticity-that enables epithelial sheets to sustain extreme stretching under constant tension.
DOI of the first publication: 10.1038/s41586-018-0671-4
URL of the first publication:
Link to this record: hdl:20.500.11880/28207
ISSN: 1476-4687
Date of registration: 25-Oct-2019
Faculty: NT - Naturwissenschaftlich- Technische Fakultät
Department: NT - Chemie
Professorship: NT - Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo
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