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Title: Discovery of a polybrominated aromatic secondary metabolite from a planctomycete points at an ambivalent interaction with its macroalgae host
Author(s): Panter, Fabian
Garcia, Ronald
Thewes, Angela
Zaburannyi, Nestor
Bunk, Boyke
Overmann, Jörg
Gutierrez, Mary Victory
Krug, Daniel
Müller, Rolf
Language: English
Title: bioRxiv
Publisher/Platform: bioRxiv
Year of Publication: 2019
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: The roles of the majority of bacterial secondary metabolites, especially those from uncommon sources are yet elusive even though many of these compounds show striking biological activities. To further investigate the secondary metabolite repertoire of underexploited bacterial families, we chose to analyze a novel representative of the yet untapped bacterial phylum Planctomycetes for the production of secondary metabolites under laboratory culture conditions. Development of a planctomycetal high density cultivation technique in combination with high resolution mass spectrometric analysis revealed Planctomycetales strain 10988 to produce the plant toxin 3,5 dibromo p-anisic acid. This molecule represents the first secondary metabolite reported from any planctomycete. Genome mining revealed the biosynthetic origin of this doubly brominated secondary metabolite and a biosynthesis model for the com-pound was devised. Comparison of the biosynthetic route to biosynthetic gene clusters responsible for formation of polybrominated small aromatic compounds reveals evidence for an evolutionary link, while the compound’s herbicidal activity points towards an ambivalent role of the metabolite in the planctomycetal ecosystem.
DOI of the first publication: 10.1101/723874
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Link to this record: hdl:20.500.11880/27682
Date of registration: 6-Sep-2019
Faculty: NT - Naturwissenschaftlich- Technische Fakultät
Department: NT - Pharmazie
Professorship: NT - Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller
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