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Title: One-dimensional arrangements of metal atoms in transition metal carbonyl complexes of mixed main group metal alkoxides
Author(s): Veith, Michael
Weidner, Stefan
Kunze, Klaus
Käfer, Dieter
Hans, Johannes
Huch, Volker
Language: English
Year of Publication: 1994
OPUS Source: Coordination chemistry reviews. - 137. 1994, S. 297-322
SWD key words: Röntgenbeugung
DDC notations: 620 Engineering and machine engineering
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: Mixed metal alkoxides containing main group elements with ns2 electron configurations of the general formula M(OtBu)3M' (M = In, Tl; M' = Ge, Sn, Pb), M'(OtBu)3M(OtBu)3M' (M = divalent metal atom, M' = Ge, Sn) and (OtBu)M'(OtBu)2M(OtBu)2M'(OtBu) (M = Co, Ni; M' = Ge, Sn) can be reacted with simple metal carbonyls. The products obtained are composed of a one-dimensional array of metal atoms held together by direct metal-metal bonds or by bridging alkoxide groups. The following compounds have been isolated and characterized by IR and NMR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction (M' = Ge, Sn, Pb; M = In, Tl; MT = transition metal): M'(OtBu)3M-MT(CO)n, (CO)nMT-M(OtBu)3M'-MT(CO)n, M'(OtBu)3M-MT(CO)nM(OtBu)3M', (CO)nMT-M'(OtBu)3M(OtBu)3M'-MT(CO)n, (CO)nMT-M'[OtBu](OtBu)2M(OtBu)2M(OtBu)2[OtBu]M'-MT(CO)n and (CO)nMT-M'(OtBu)3M-MT(CO)nM(OtBu)3M'-MT(CO)n. In addition, an oligomeric species of the general formula [Sn(OtBu)3In-Mo(CO)4]n-Sn(OtBu)3In-Mo(CO)5 with n ~ 9, 10 has been isolated.
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NT - Chemie
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