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Title: On void nucleation and growth in metal interconnect lines under electromigration conditions
Author(s): Nix, William D.
Arzt, Eduard
Language: English
Year of Publication: 1992
OPUS Source: Metallurgical transactions / A. - 23. 1992, 7, S. 2007-2013
SWD key words: Keimbildung
DDC notations: 620 Engineering and machine engineering
Publikation type: Journal Article
Abstract: Electromigration failure in rigidly passivated metal interconnect lines is studied with particular reference to the vacancy supersaturations and hydrostatic stresses that can be developed at blocking grain boundaries under electromigration conditions. It is shown that the high stresses needed for homogeneous void nucleation to occur are probably too high to be developed by electromigration and that failure is more likely to involve the growth of pre-existing voids. We also show that the amount of void growth that can occur at a blocking grain boundary by electromigration of vacancies down the adjoining grain boundaries is small relative to the dimensions of the line unless the adjoining grain boundaries are continuous in a very long section of the line. This suggests that other mechanisms of void growth are responsible for electromigration failure. An analysis of the electromigration of small pre-existing voids shows that above a critical size, large voids migrate faster than smaller ones. This leads to a catastrophic process in which large voids can catch up with and coalesce with smaller ones, growing in size and migrating more rapidly as they do so. We conclude that the migration and coalescence of preexisting voids is a more likely mechanism of electromigration failure.
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