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Titel: Clinical trial updates and hotline sessions presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2008
Verfasser: Müller, Patrick
Rosenkranz, Stephan
Adam, Oliver
Custodis, Florian
Böhm, Michael
Sprache: Deutsch
Erscheinungsjahr: 2008
Quelle: Clinical research in cardiology. - 97. 2008, 12, S. 851-864
DDC-Sachgruppe: 610 Medizin, Gesundheit
Dokumentart : Journalartikel
Kurzfassung: This article summarizes the results of a number of clinical trials in the field of cardiovascular medicine which were presented during the Hotline and Clinical Trial Update Sessions at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology, held in Munich, Germany, from 30th August to 3rd September 2008. The data were presented by leading experts in the field with relevant positions in the trials. It is important to note that unpublished reports should be considered as preliminary data, as the analysis may change in the final publications. The comprehensive summaries have been generated from the oral presentation and the webcasts of the European Society of Cardiology and should provide the readers with the most comprehensive information on diagnostic and therapeutic developments in cardiovascular medicine.
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SciDok-Publikation: 16-Sep-2009
Fakultät: Fakultät 2 - Medizin
Fachrichtung: M - Innere Medizin
Fakultät / Institution:M - Medizinische Fakultät

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