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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017From Qualitative to Quantitative Dominance Pruning for Optimal PlanningTorralba Arias de Reyna, Alvaro
2017Dense and accurate whole-chromosome haplotyping of individual genomesPorubsky, David; Garg, Shilpa; Sanders, Ashley D.; Korbel, Jan O.; Guryev, Victor; Lansdorp, Peter M.; Marschall, Tobias
2017Personalized Interactive Surfaces with Printed ElectronicsSteimle, Jürgen; Withana, Anusha
2017Interactive On-Skin Devices for Expressive Touch-based InteractionsWeigel, Martin
2017A Guided Tour to Computational HaplotypingKlau, Gunnar W.; Marschall, Tobias
2017Ranking Conjunctions for Partial Delete Relaxation Heuristics in PlanningFickert, Maximilian; Hoffmann, Jörg
2017An improved exact inversion formula for solenoidal fields in cone beam vector tomographyKatsevich, Alexander; Rothermel, Dimitri; Schuster, Thomas
2017Registration of a priori information for computed laminographySchorr, Christian; Dörr, Laura; Maisl, Michael; Schuster, Thomas
2017DeformWear: Deformation Input on Tiny Wearable DevicesSteimle, Jürgen; Weigel, Martin
2017Mapping and phasing of structural variation in patient genomes using nanopore sequencingCretu Stancu, Mircea; van Roosmalen, Markus J.; Renkens, Ivo; Nieboer, Marleen M.; Middelkamp, Sjors; de Ligt, Joep; Pregno, Giulia; Giachino, Daniela; Mandrile, Giorgia; Espejo Valle-Inclan, Jose; Korzelius, Jerome; de Bruijn, Ewart; Cuppen, Edwin; Talkowski, Michael E.; Marschall, Tobias; de Ridder, Jeroen; Kloosterman, Wigard P.