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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2019Nanosized titanium niobium oxide/carbon electrodes for lithium-ion energy storage applicationsShim, Hwirim; Lim, Eunho; Fleischmann, Simon; Quade, Antje; Tolosa, Aura; Presser, Volker
2019Understanding Interlayer Deprotonation of Hydrogen Titanium Oxide for High-Power Electrochemical Energy StorageFleischmann, Simon; Pfeifer, Kristina; Widmaier, Mathias; Shim, Hwirim; Budak, Öznil; Presser, Volker
2019Reversibly compressible and freestanding monolithic carbon spherogelsSalihovic, Miralem; Zickler, Gregor A.; Fritz-Popovski, Gerhard; Ulbricht, Maike; Paris, Oskar; Hüsing, Nicola; Presser, Volker; Elsaesser, Michael S.
2018Charge and Potential Balancing for Optimized Capacitive Deionization Using Lignin-Derived, Low-Cost Activated Carbon ElectrodesZornitta, Rafael Linzmeyer; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan; Krüner, Benjamin; Aslan, Mesut; Ruotolo, Luis Augusto Martins; Presser, Volker
2018Nitrogen-containing novolac-derived carbon beads as electrode material for supercapacitorsKrüner, Benjamin; Schreiber, Anna; Tolosa, Aura; Quade, Antje; Badaczewski, Felix; Pfaff, Torben; Smarsly, Bernd M.; Presser, Volker
2018Valence-Tuned Lithium Titanate Nanopowder for High-Rate Electrochemical Energy StorageWidmaier, Mathias; Pfeifer, Kristina; Bommer, Lars; Presser, Volker
2018Vanadium (III) Oxide/Carbon Core/Shell Hybrids as an Anode for Lithium-Ion BatteriesBudak, Öznil; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Tolosa, Aura; Fleischmann, Simon; Lee, Juhan; Hieke, Stefan W.; Frank, Anna; Scheu, Christina; Presser, Volker
2018Confined Redox Reactions of Iodide in Carbon Nanopores for Fast and Energy-Efficient Desalination of Brackish Water and SeawaterLee, Juhan; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Carpier, Sidonie; Choi, Jaehoon; Zornitta, Rafael Linzmeyer; Kim, Choonsoo; Aslan, Mesut; Presser, Volker
2019Sodium ion removal by hydrated vanadyl phosphate for electrochemical water desalinationLee, Juhan; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Zwingelstein, Rose; Zornitta, Rafael Linzmeyer; Choi, Jaehoon; Kim, Choonsoo; Presser, Volker
2018In Situ Tracking of Partial Sodium Desolvation of Materials with Capacitive, Pseudocapacitive, and Battery-like Charge/Discharge Behavior in Aqueous ElectrolytesSrimuk, Pattarachai; Lee, Juhan; Budak, Öznil; Choi, Jaehoon; Chen, Ming; Feng, Guang; Prehal, Christian; Presser, Volker