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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2010New routes to cleanliness : nanocomposite coatings offer advantages over PTFE in food productionBecker-Willinger, Carsten; Kalmes, Pamela; Veith, Michael
2010A change-oriented architecture for mathematical authoring assistanceWagner, Marc
2010Size dependent strength of bcc metal micropillars : towards high strength surfaces by micropatterningSchneider, Andreas; Arzt, Eduard
2010A new approach for a slurry based coating system for the prevention of high-temperature oxidationAslan, Mesut; Wittmar, Matthias; Bolz, Henning; Veith, Michael
2010Synthese neuartiger Single-Source-Precursoren für die Abscheidung piezoelektrischer Bleizirkonattitanat(PZT)-Schichten mittels chemischer Gasphasenabscheidung (CVD)Bender, Michael
2010Differential cell reaction upon Toll-like receptor 4 and 9 activation in human alveolar and lung interstitial macrophagesHoppstädter, Jessica; Diesel, Britta; Zarbock, Robert; Breinig, Tanja; Monz, Dominik; Koch, Marcus; Meyerhans, Andreas; Gortner, Ludwig; Lehr, Claus-Michael; Huwer, Hanno; Kiemer, Alexandra K.
2010Kinetic investigations on TiO2 nanoparticles as photo initiators for UV-polyermization in acrylic matricesSchmitz-Stöwe, Sabine; Becker-Willinger, Carsten; Bentz, Dirk; Abt, Britta; Veith, Michael
2010The role of the backing layer in the mechanical properties of micrometer-scale fibrillar structuresGuidoni, Griselda; Schillo, Dominik; Hangen, Ude; Castellanos, Graciela; Arzt, Eduard; McMeeking, Robert; Bennewitz, Roland
2010Organosilicate nanoparticles - a familiar material in new shapeMurray, Eoin; Kraus, Tobias
2010Optoakustische molekulare BildgebungFournelle, Marc