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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2009Large area production of optical coatings and devices by the sol-gel processOliveira, Peter William; Quilitz, Mario; Heusing, Sabine; Lin, Hechun; Veith, Michael
2004EmbossingMennig, Martin; Oliveira, Peter William; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2005Nano- und Mikro Strukturierung von Nanokompositen auf Glas durch optische Raster-NahfeldmikroskopieOliveira, Peter William; Aktas, Orel C.; Geerkens, Marcus; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2009Work on non photocatalytically active titania particlesMüller, Thomas S.; Faller-Schneider, Christine; Moh, Karsten; Shanmugasundaram, Sakthivel; Oliveira, Peter William; Veith, Michael
2007Microstructure investigation of reflective coatings interference multilayers produced by sol-gel methodJilavi, Mohammad Hossein; Sam, Ebru Devrim; Werner, Ulf; Oliveira, Peter William; Veith, Michael
2004Ceramic nanoparticle technologies for ceramics and compositesSchmidt, Helmut K.; Tabellion, Frank; Schmitt, Karl-Peter; Oliveira, Peter William
2004Interference coatingsOliveira, Peter William; Mennig, Martin; Aegerter, Michel A.; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2005Entwicklung und Anwendung von Lichtlenkelementen auf Glas über Kontaktlithographie mit organisch-anorganischen NanokompositenMennig, Martin; Oliveira, Peter William; Geerkens, Marcus; Rogin, Peter; Marchand, G.; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2005Development of optical coatings on plastic foil, based on nano compositesMennig, Martin; Jilavi, Mohammad H.; Oliveira, Peter William; Berni, Anette; Anschütz, Dieter; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2009Transparent conductive oxides for coating applicationsQuilitz, Mario; Oliveira, Peter William; Heusing, Sabine; Veith, Michael