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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1997Comparative study of SnO2:Sb transparent conducting films produced by various coating and heat treatment techniquesAegerter, Michel A.; Reich, Axel; Ganz, Dietmar; Gasparro, Guido; Pütz, Jörg; Krajewski, Thomas
2006Strategies for novel transparent conducting sol-gel oxide coatingsKurz, Alexander; Brakecha, Kenza; Pütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.
2006Editorial prefacePütz, Jörg; Kurz, Alexander; Aegerter, Michel A.
2006Transparent conducting sol-gel ATO coatings for display applications by an improved dip coating techniqueGuzman, G.; Dahmani, B.; Pütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.
2003Liquid film deposition of chalcogenide thin filmsPütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Influence of the heating rate on the microstructure and on macroscopic properties of sol-gel SnO2:Sb coatingsPütz, Jörg; Ganz, Dietmar; Gasparro, Guido; Aegerter, Michel A.
1999Spin deposition of MoSx thin filmsPütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Sol-gel deposited Sb-doped tin oxide filmsGuglielmi, M.; Menegazzo, E.; Paolizzi, M.; Gasparro, Guido; Ganz, Dietmar; Pütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.; Pascual, c.; Durán, Alicia; Hubert-Pfalzgraf, L.; Willems, H. X.; Van Bommel, M.; Büttgenbach, L.; Costa, L.
1998Parameters affecting the electrical conductivity of SnO2:Sb sol-gel coatingsGasparro, Guido; Pütz, Jörg; Ganz, Dietmar; Aegerter, Michel A.
2004Sol-gel coating of thin display glasses : problems and remedyPütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.; Guzman, G.