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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1990Concept logicsBaader, Franz; Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen; Hollunder, Bernhard; Nutt, Werner; Siekmann, Jörg H.
1992Unification in monoidal theories is solving linear equations over semiringsNutt, Werner
1995Task acquisition with a description logic reasonerBuchheit, Martin; Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen; Hollunder, Bernhard; Laux, Armin; Nutt, Werner; Wójcik, Marek
1991The complexity of existential quantification in concept languagesDonini, Francesco M.; Hollunder, Bernhard; Lenzerini, Maurizio; Spaccamela, Alberto Marchetti; Nard, Daniele; Nutt, Werner
1990Adding homomorphisms to commutative/monoidal theories or : how algebra can help in equational unificationBaader, Franz; Nutt, Werner
1990Subsumption algorithms for concept languagesHollunder, Bernhard; Nutt, Werner
1995Working notes of the KI'95 Workshop : KRDB-95 - Reasoning about structured objects : knowledge representation meets databases ; Bielefeld, Germany, Sept. 11-12, 1995Baader, Franz; Buchheit, Martin; Jeusfeld, Manfred A.; Nutt, Werner
1990Terminological knowledge representation : a proposal for a terminological logicBaader, Franz; Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen; Heinsohn, Jochen; Hollunder, Bernhard; Müller, Jürgen; Nebel, Bernhard; Nutt, Werner; Profitlich, Hans-Jürgen
1993Subsumption between queries to object-oriented databasesBuchheit, Martin; Jeusfeld, Manfred A.; Nutt, Werner; Staudt, Martin
1995A refined architecture for terminological systems : terminology = schema + viewsBuchheit, Martin; Donini, Francesco M.; Nutt, Werner; Schaerf, Andrea