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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2007Neue Möglichkeiten der objektiven Graphitklassifizierung in Gusseisen durch Nano-Tomographie und internetbasierte Online-VerfahrenVelichko, Alexandra; Mücklich, Frank
2007Macroporous ultramicroelectrodes for improved electroanalytical measurementsSzamocki, Rafael; Velichko, Alexandra; Holzapfel, Christian; Mücklich, Frank; Ravaine, Serge; Garrigues, Patrick; Sojic, Neso; Hempelmann, Rolf; Kuhn, Alexander
2006Shape analysis and classification of irregular graphite morphology in cast ironVelichko, Alexandra; Mücklich, Frank
20063D-Charakterisierung der Graphitmorphologie mit Hilfe der FIB-NanotomographieVelichko, Alexandra; Schladitz, Katja; Holzapfel, Christian; Mücklich, Frank
2016Influence of the Reinforcement Distribution and Interface on the Electronic Transport Properties of MWCNT-Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites Suarez, Sebastián; Souza, Nicolás; Lasserre, Federico; Mücklich, Frank
2017Carbon Nanoparticle‐Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites: Microstructural Tailoring and Predictive ModelingReinert, Leander; Suarez, Sebastian; Müller, Thomas; Mücklich, Frank
20153D-FIB characterization of wear in WC-Co coated compositesGarcía, José; Carvalho Miranda, Thais; Pinto, Haroldo Cavalcanti; Soldera, Flavio; Mücklich, Frank
2018High Chromium Cast Irons: Destabilized-Subcritical Secondary Carbide Precipitation and Its Effect on Hardness and Wear PropertiesGuitar, María Agustina; Suárez, Sebastián; Prat, Orlando; Duarte Guigou, Martín; Gari, Valentina; Pereira, Gastón; Mücklich, Frank
2018Influence of Surface Roughness on the Lubrication Effect of Carbon Nanoparticle-Coated Steel SurfacesReinert, Leander; Schütz, Silas; Suárez, Sebastian; Mücklich, Frank
2016Ultrasonic assisted polyol-reduction of HAuCl4 for nanoparticle decoration of multiwall carbon nanotubesLasserre, Federico; Suarez, Sebastian; Mücklich, Frank