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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2003Challenges for CAx and EDM in an international automotive companyBurr, Holger; Deubel, Till; Vielhaber, Michael; Haasis, Siegmar; Weber, Christian
2007Comparison of knowledge representation in PDM and by semantic networksConrad, Jan; Deubel, Till; Köhler, Christian; Wanke, Sören; Weber, Christian
2005Requirement- and cost-driven product development processDeubel, Till; Steinbach, Michael; Weber, Christian
2004New ideas for knowledge management in product development projectsWeber, Christian; Pohl, Martin; Steinbach, Michael
2000Klassifizierung von CAx-Werkzeugen für die Produktentwicklung auf der Basis eines neuartigen Produkt- und ProzessmodellsWeber, Christian; Werner, Horst
2000Problem-adapted mesh generation with FEM-featuresWerner, Horst; Weber, Christian; Schilke, Martin
2002Diskussion der Probleme bei der integriertern Betrachtung von Sach- und Dienstleistungen - 'Kovalente Produkte'Weber, Christian; Pohl, Martin; Steinbach, Michael; Botta, Christian
2007Change impact and risk analysis (CIRA) : combining the CPM/PDD theory and FMEA-methodology for an improved engineering change managementDeubel, Till; Conrad, Jan; Köhler, Christian; Wanke, Sören; Weber, Christian
2008A matrix representation of the CPM/PDD approach as a means for change impact analysisKöhler, Christian; Conrad, Jan; Wanke, Sören; Weber, Christian
2005Documentation and enhancement of the traceability of finite-element-analysisMaus, Rüdiger; Weber, Christian