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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1997Investigations of the electronic structure of nanoscaled gold-colloids in sol-gel coatingsKutsch, Bernd; Schmitt, Mike; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Lyon, O.
1997Preparation and properties of composites of Kevlar-Nomex copolymer and boehmiteKrug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Ahmad, Z.; Sarwar, M. I.
1997Organically modified silicates and ceramics as two-phasic systems : synthesis and processingSchmidt, Helmut K.
1997Uniaxial stress relaxation measurement in fluoroindate glassesBarros Filho, Djalma De A.; Machado Ferraz, A.; Messaddeq, Younes; Aegerter, Michel A.
1997All sol-gel electrochromic system for plate glassMunro, Brian; Krämer, Stefanie; Zapp, Patrick; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Preparation, characterization and sintering behavior of barium titanate powders coated with Ba-, Ca-, Si- and Ti-containing componentsAbicht, Hans-Peter; Völtzke, Dieter; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Enhancement of the photochromic performance of spirooxazine in sol-gel derived organic-inorganic hybrid matrices by additivesHou, Lisong; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Hoffmann, Bernd; Mennig, Martin
1997Sol-gel coatings for light trapping in crystalline thin film silicon solar cellsBrendel, R.; Gier, Andreas; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Werner, J. H.
1997Optically induced damping of the surface plasmon resonance in gold colloidsPerner, Martin; Bost, P.; Lemmer, U.; Plessen, G. von; Feldmann, J.; Becker, Ulrich; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Schmitt, Michael