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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1998Conducting membranes and coatings made from redispersable nanoscaled crystalline SnO2:Sb particlesGoebbert, Christian; Aegerter, Michel A.; Burgard, Detlef; Nass, Rüdiger; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1998Influence of the heating rate on the microstructure and on macroscopic properties of sol-gel SnO2:Sb coatingsPütz, Jörg; Ganz, Dietmar; Gasparro, Guido; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Multilayer SnO2:Sb transparent electronic conducting coatings made by the sol-gel processGasparro, Guido; Ganz, Dietmar; Pütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Refractive microlens fabrication by ink-jet processBiehl, Saskia; Danzebrink, Rolf; Oliveira, Peter William de; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Oxygen-free deposition of ZrO2 sol-gel films on mild steel for corrosion protection in acid mediumPerdomo, L. F.; Avaca, Luis A.; De Lima Neto, Pedro; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998Sol-gel deposited Sb-doped tin oxide filmsGuglielmi, M.; Menegazzo, E.; Paolizzi, M.; Gasparro, Guido; Ganz, Dietmar; Pütz, Jörg; Aegerter, Michel A.; Pascual, c.; Durán, Alicia; Hubert-Pfalzgraf, L.; Willems, H. X.; Van Bommel, M.; Büttgenbach, L.; Costa, L.
1998Parameters affecting the electrical conductivity of SnO2:Sb sol-gel coatingsGasparro, Guido; Pütz, Jörg; Ganz, Dietmar; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998New Li+ ion-conducting ormolytesDahmouche, Karim; Atik, Mohamed; Bonagamba, Tito J.; Mello, Nilson C.; Panepucci, Horacio; Judeinstein, Patrick; Aegerter, Michel A.
1998New developments and applications in sol-gel coatingsAegerter, Michel A.
1998Optical spectroscopy of Er3+ and Yb3+ co-doped fluoroindate glassesRibeiro, C. T.M.; Zanatta, A. R.; Nunes, Luis A. O.; Messaddeq, Younes; Aegerter, Michel A.