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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1997Transparente elektrochrome Dünnschichtzellen auf Sol-Gel BasisMunro, Brian; Krämer, Stefanie; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Kahanek, P.; Kaspar, R.
1998Mikrostrukturierung organisch-anorganischer Nanomere durch PrägeverfahrenSepeur-Zeitz, Bernhard; Mennig, Martin; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1994Sol-gel-based inorganic-organic composite materialsSchmidt, Helmut K.; Krug, Herbert
1997Fabrication of monolithic refractive optical lenses with organic-inorganic nanocomposites : relations between composition and mechanical and optical propertiesMüller, Peter; Braune, Bert; Becker, Carsten; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Krug, Herbert
1997Preparation of micropatterns with profile heights up to 30 microns from silica solsMennig, Martin; Gier, Andreas; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Formkörper aus SiO2 für Rapid-PrototypingKrug, Herbert; Oliveira, Peter William de; Frantzen, Andreas; Suyal, Navin; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Development of electrochromic smart windows by sol-gel techniquesMunro, Brian; Krämer, Stefanie; Zapp, Patrick; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Generation of wet-chemical AR-coatings on plastic substrates by use of polymerizable nanoparticlesOliveira, Peter William de; Krug, Herbert; Frantzen, Andreas; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Electrically induced concentration profiles of nanoparticles in a MMA-silane matrix : a new method to obtain GRIN-lensesOliveira, Peter William de; Krug, Herbert; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1997Inorganic-organic nanocomposites for optical coatingsSchmidt, Helmut K.; Krug, Herbert; Zeitz, Bernhard; Geiter, Elisabeth