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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1995Prosodic scoring of word hypotheses graphsKompe, Ralf; Kießling, Andreas; Niemann, Heinrich; Nöth, Elmar; Schukat-Talamazzini, Ernst Günter; Zottmann, A.; Batliner, Anton
1994Prosody takes over : towards a prosodically guided dialog systemKompe, Ralf; Nöth, Elmar; Kießling, Andreas; Kuhn, T.; Mast, Marion; Niemann, Heinrich; Ott, K.; Batliner, Anton
1994MÜSLI : a classification scheme for laryngealizationsBatliner, Anton; Burger, S.; Johne, B.; Kießling, Andreas
1994Prosody takes over : a prosodically guided dialog systemKompe, Ralf; Kießling, Andreas; Kuhn, T.; Mast, Marion; Niemann, Heinrich; Nöth, Elmar; Ott, K.; Batliner, Anton
1994Außergrammatische Phänomene in der Spontansprache : Gegenstandsbereich, Beschreibung, MerkmalinventarBatliner, Anton; Burger, Susanne; Kießling, Andreas
1995Filled pauses in spontaneous speechBatliner, Anton; Kießling, Andreas; Burger, Susanne; Nöth, Elmar
1994Why sentence modality in spontaneous speech is more difficult to classify and why this fact is not too bad for prosodyBatliner, Anton; Weiand, C.; Kießling, Andreas; Nöth, Elmar
1994Detection of phrase boundaries and accentsKießling, Andreas; Kompe, Ralf; Niemann, Heinrich; Nöth, Elmar; Batliner, Anton
1995Contrastive accents : how to get them and what do they look likeHaas, Jürgen; Kießling, Andreas; Nöth, Elmar; Niemann, Heinrich; Batliner, Anton
1996Classification of boundaries and accents in spontaneous speechKießling, Andreas; Kompe, Ralf; Batliner, Anton; Niemann, Heinrich; Nöth, Elmar