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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2019SAXS-Restrained Ensemble Simulations of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins with Commitment to the Principle of Maximum EntropyHermann, Markus R.; Hub, Jochen Sebastian
2019Time evolution of coupled multimode and multiresonator optomechanical systemsBruschi, David Edward
2019Modeling the Contact Mechanics of HydrogelsMüser, Martin H.; Li, Han; Bennewitz, Roland
2019Dynamics of Gold Nanoparticles at the Solid: Liquid Interface Studied by Liquid-Phase Electron MicroscopyCepeda-Pérez, Elisa; de Jonge, Niels
2019Reduced graphene oxide biosensor platform for the detection of NT-proBNP biomarker in its clinical rangeMunief, Walid-Madhat; Lu, Xiaoling; Teucke, Tobias; Wilhelm, Jannick; Britz, Anette; Hempel, Felix; Lanche, Ruben; Schwartz, Miriam; Law, Jessica Ka Yan; Grandthyll, Samuel; Müller, Frank; Neurohr, Jens-Uwe; Jacobs, Karin; Schmitt, Michael; Pachauri, Vivek; Hempelmann, Rolf; Ingebrandt, Sven
2019Oil droplet formation on pellicle covered tooth surfaces studied with environmental scanning electron microscopyPeckys, Diana B.; de Jonge, Niels; Hannig, Matthias
2019Correlative Fluorescence and Electron Microscopy of Graphene-Enclosed Whole Cells for High Resolution Analysis of Cellular ProteinsDahmke, Indra N.; Verch, Andreas; Peckys, Diana B.; Weatherup, Robert; Hofmann, Stephan; de Jonge, Niels
2019Liquid-Phase Electron Microscopy with Controllable Liquid ThicknessKeskin, Sercan; Kunnas, Peter; de Jonge, Niels
2019Comprehensive measurements of salivary pellicle thickness formed at different intraoral sites on Si wafers and bovine enamelGüth-Thiel, Sabine; Kraus-Kuleszka, Ines; Mantz, Hubert; Hoth-Hannig, Wiebke; Hähl, Hendrik; Dudek, Johanna; Jacobs, Karin; Hannig, Matthias
2019Analysis of Breast Cancer Cell Subpopulations for the Expression and Distribution of HER2 and their Response to Anti-Cancer Drugs Using Electron MicroscopyBlach, Patricia; Weinberg, Florian; Peckys, Diana; Dahmke, Indra N.; de Jonge, Niels