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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Biochemical and structural characterization of CYP109A2, a vitamin D3 25-hydroxylase from Bacillus megateriumAbdulmughni, Ammar; Jóźwik, Ilona K.; Brill, Elisa; Hannemann, Frank; Thunnissen, Andy-Mark W. H.; Bernhardt, Rita
2017Characterization of cytochrome P450 CYP109E1 from Bacillus megaterium as a novel vitamin D3 hydroxylaseAbdulmughni, Ammar; Jóźwik, Ilona K.; Putkaradze, Natalia; Brill, Elisa; Zapp, Josef; Thunnissen, Andy-Mark W. H.; Hannemann, Frank; Bernhardt, Rita
2017An indole-deficient Escherichia coli strain improves screening of cytochromes P450 for biotechnological applicationsBrixius-Anderko, Simone; Hannemann, Frank; Ringle, Michael; Khatri, Yogan; Bernhardt, Rita
2017Hairpin Bisulfite Sequencing : Synchronous Methylation Analysis on Complementary DNA Strands of Individual ChromosomesGiehr, Pascal; Walter, Jörn Erik
2017CYP109E1 is a novel versatile statin and terpene oxidase from Bacillus megateriumPutkaradze, Natalia; Litzenburger, Martin; Abdulmughni, Ammar; Milhim, Mohammed; Brill, Elisa; Hannemann, Frank; Bernhardt, Rita
2017Blockage of the Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition Is Required for Embryonic Stem Cell DerivationTotonchi, Mehdi; Hassani, Seyedeh-Nafiseh; Sharifi-Zarchi, Ali; Tapia, Natalia; Adachi, Kenjiro; Arand, Julia; Greber, Boris; Sabour, Davood; Araúzo-Bravo, Marcos J.; Walter, Jörn Erik; Pakzad, Mohammad; Gourabi, Hamid; Schöler, Hans R.; Baharvand, Hossein
2017Spermatozoa from males with reduced fecundity exhibit differential DNA methylation patternsLaqqan, Mohammed; Tierling, Sascha; Alkhaled, Yaser; Lo Porto, Christina; Solomayer, E. F.; Hammadeh, M. E.
2017Alterations in sperm DNA methylation patterns of oligospermic malesLaqqan, Mohammed; Tierling, Sascha; Alkhaled, Yaser; LoPorto, Christina; Hammadeh, Mohamad Eid
2017Aberrant DNA methylation patterns of human spermatozoa in current smoker malesLaqqan, Mohammed; Tierling, Sascha; Alkhaled, Yaser; Lo Porto, Christina; Solomayer, E. F.; Hammadeh, M. E.
2017MeDeCom : discovery and quantification of latent components of heterogeneous methylomesLutsik, Pavlo; Slawski, Martin; Gasparoni, Gilles; Vedeneev, Nikita; Hein, Matthias; Walter, Jörn Erik