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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017Highly sensitive on-chip magnetometer with saturable absorbers in two-color microcavitiesGazzano, O.; Becher, Christoph
2017Coherence Properties and Quantum Control of Silicon Vacancy Color Centers in DiamondBecker, Jonas Nils; Becher, Christoph
2017Experimental demonstration of a predictable single photon source with variable photon fluxVaigu, Aigar; Porrovecchio, Geiland; Chu, Xiao-Liu; Lindner, Sarah; Smid, Marek; Manninen, Albert; Becher, Christoph; Sandoghdar, Vahid; Götzinger, Stephan; Ikonen, Erkki
2017Coherent control of the silicon-vacancy spin in diamondPingault, Benjamin; Jarausch, David-Dominik; Hepp, Christian; Klintberg, Lina; Becker, Jonas N; Markham, Matthew; Becher, Christoph; Atatüre, Mete
2018Limitations on the indistinguishability of photons from remote solid state sourcesKambs, Benjamin; Becher, Christoph
2019All-Optical Control of the Silicon-Vacancy Spin in Diamond at Millikelvin TemperaturesBecker, Jonas N; Pingault, Benjamin; Groß, David; Gündoğan, Mustafa; Kukharchyk, Nadezhda; Markham, Matthew; Edmonds, Andrew; Atatüre, Mete; Bushev, Pavel; Becher, Christoph
2017Experimental realization of an absolute single-photon source based on a single nitrogen vacancy center in a nanodiamondRodiek, Beatrice; Lopez, Marco; Hofer, Helmuth; Porrovecchio, Geiland; Smid, Marek; Chu, Xiao-Liu; Gotzinger, Stephan; Sandoghdar, Vahid; Lindner, Sarah; Becher, Christoph; Kuck, Stefan
2018Pure single-photon emission from In(Ga)As QDs in a tunable fiber-based external mirror microcavityHerzog, T; Sartison, M; Kolatschek, S; Hepp, S; Bommer, A; Pauly, C; Mücklich, F.; Becher, Christoph; Jetter, M; Portalupi, S L; Michler, P
2017Cavity-Enhanced Single-Photon Source Based on the Silicon-Vacancy Center in DiamondBenedikter, Julia; Kaupp, Hanno; Hümmer, Thomas; Liang, Yuejiang; Bommer, Alexander; Becher, Christoph; Krueger, Anke; Smith, Jason M.; Hänsch, Theodor W.; Hunger, David
2017Ein Netzwerk aus Diamanten,Becker, J. N.; Becher, Christoph