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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2003Development of planarized digital transmission holograms on glass by embossing of thixotropic nano compositesMennig, Martin; Oliveira, Peter William de; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Wettability of microstructured hydrophobic sol-gel coatingsPilotek, Steffen; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Sol-gel synthesis of cuprous halide nanoparticles in a glassy matrix and their characterizationSuyal, Ganesh; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Modified silica particles for gene deliveryCsögör, Zsuzsa; Nacken, Manfred; Sameti, Mohammad; Lehr, Claus-Michael; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Crystallization kinetics of mullite formation in diphasic gels containing different alumina componentsTkalcec, Emilija; Ivankovic, Hrvoje; Nass, Rüdiger; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Correlation of the precursor type with densification behavior and microstructure of sintered mullite ceramicsIvankovic, Hrvoje; Tkalcec, Emilija; Nass, Rüdiger; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Chemomechanische Verfahren und Herstellung von Funktionskolloiden in RührwerkskugelmühlenTabellion, Frank; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Nanopartikel revolutionieren ProduktentwicklungenSchmidt, Helmut K.
2003Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films containing Ag-Au alloy colloids for wavelength tunabilitySuyal, Ganesh; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Stabilisation by freeze-drying of cationically modified silica nanoparticles for gene deliverySameti, M.; Bohr, G.; Ravi Kumar, M. N. V.; Kneuer, Carsten; Bakowsky, Udo; Nacken, Manfred; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Lehr, C.-M.