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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2018Assay for improved detection of antigen-specific immune cells from extrasanguinous fluidsSchub, David; Fousse, Mathias; Elsäßer, Julia; Faßbender, Klaus; Sester, Urban; Sester, Martina
2014Downregulation of the glucocorticoid-induced leucine zipper (GILZ) promotes vascular inflammationHahn, Rebecca T.; Hoppstädter, Jessica; Hirschfelder, Kerstin; Hachenthal, Nina; Diesel, Britta; Kessler, Sonja M.; Huwer, Hanno; Kiemer, Alexandra
2017Bondstripping-Gestaltungen im Einkommen- und InvestmentsteuerrechtKußmaul, Heinz; Kloster, Florian
2016A modified algebraic reconstruction technique taking refraction into account with an application in terahertz tomographyTepe, Jens; Schuster, Thomas; Littau, Benjamin
2018Précis zu Determined by Reasons: A Competence Account of Acting for a Normative ReasonMantel, Susanne
2018Vesicle dynamics in confined steady and harmonically modulated Poiseuille flowsBoujja, Zakaria; Misbah, Chaouqi; Ez-Zahraouy, Hamid; Benyoussef, Abdelilah; John, Thomas; Wagner, Christian; Müller, Martin Michael
2019Optical bistability and nonlinear dynamics by saturation of cold Yb atoms in a cavityGothe, Hannes; Valenzuela, Tristan; Cristiani, Matteo; Eschner, Jürgen
2018A fast subspace optimization method for nonlinear inverse problems in Banach spaces with an application in parameter identificationWald, Anne; Schuster, Thomas
2016Die Verrechtlichung des Uneigennutzes. Ein historischer Abriß zur Schenkung aus der Perspektive des BGBChiusi, Tiziana
2017The long non-coding RNA H19 suppresses carcinogenesis and chemoresistance in hepatocellular carcinomaSchultheiss, Christina S.; Laggai, Stephan; Czepukojc, Beate; Hussein, Usama K.; List, Markus; Barghash, Ahmad; Tierling, Sascha; Hosseini, Kevan; Golob-Schwarzl, Nicole; Pokorny, Juliane; Hachenthal, Nina; Schulz, Marcel; Helms, Volkhard; Walter, Jörn; Zimmer, Vincent; Lammert, Frank; Bohle, Rainer M.; Dandolo, Luisa; Haybaeck, Johannes; Kiemer, Alexandra; Kessler, Sonja M.