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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2007Dyadic facial affective indicators of severity of symptomatic burden in patients with panic disorderBenecke, Cord; Krause, Rainer
2003Das Gegenwartsunbewusste als kleinster gemeinsamer Nenner aller Techniken - Integration und Differenzierung als Zukunft der PsychotherapieKrause, Rainer
2004The Construction of Mental Maps Based on a Fragmentary View of Physical Maps: Picture and Text MaterialsZimmer, Hubert
2006Episodische Gedächtnisleistungen bei depressiver SymptomatikJäger, Theodor
2018Knowledge of Previous Tasks: Task Similarity Influences Bias in Task Duration PredictionsThomas, Kevin E.; König, Cornelius J.
2019Is Ego Depletion Real? An Analysis of ArgumentsFriese, Malte; Loschelder, David D.; Gieseler, Karolin; Frankenbach, Julius; Inzlicht, Michael
2017How and why precise anchors distinctly affect anchor recipients and sendersD. Loschelder, David; Friese, Malte; Trötschel, Roman
2017Effects of Chocolate Deprivation on Implicit and Explicit Evaluation of Chocolate in High and Low Trait Chocolate CraversRichard, Anna; Meule, Adrian; Friese, Malte; Blechert, Jens
2018The effect of N-acetylcysteine and working memory training on cocaine use, craving and inhibition in regular cocaine users: correspondence of lab assessments and Ecological Momentary AssessmentSchulte, Mieke H J; Wiers, Reinout W; Boendermaker, Wouter J; Goudriaan, Anna E; van den Brink, Wim; van Deursen, Denise S; Friese, Malte; Brede, Emily; Waters, Andrew J
2017Does Self-Control Training Improve Self-Control? A Meta-AnalysisFriese, Malte; Frankenbach, Julius; Job, Veronika; Loschelder, David D.