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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2015Calcineurin inhibitors differentially alter the circadian rhythm of T-cell functionality in transplant recipientsLeyking, S.; Budich, K.; van Bentum, K.; Thijssen, S.; Abdul-Khaliq, H.; Fliser, D.; Sester, M.; Sester, U.; Sester, Martina
2017Decreased Migration of Dendritic Cells into the Jugular-Nodose Ganglia by the CXCL12 Neutraligand Chalcone 4 in Ovalbumin-Sensitized Asthmatic MiceHeck, Sebastian; Daubeuf, François; Le, Duc Dung; Sester, Martina; Bonnet, Dominique; Bals, Robert; Frossard, Nelly; Dinh, Quoc Thai
2019CMV-specific T-cells and CD27-CD28-CD4+ T-cells for assignment of cytomegalovirus (CMV) status in adults awaiting organ transplantBurton, Catherine E.; Sester, Martina; Robinson, Joan L.; Eurich, Dean T.; Urschel, Simon; Preiksaitis, Jutta K.
2015Superior Sensitivity of Ex Vivo IFN-gamma Release Assays as Compared to Skin Testing in Immunocompromised PatientsScholman, T.; Straub, M.; Sotgiu, G.; Elsasser, J.; Leyking, S.; Singh, M.; Sester, U.; Wagner, D.; Sester, M.; Sester, Martina
2017Donor-specific alloreactive T cells can be quantified from whole blood, and may predict cellular rejection after renal transplantationFischer, Michaela; Leyking, Sarah; Schäfer, Marco; Elsäßer, Julia; Janssen, Martin; Mihm, Janine; van Bentum, Kai; Fliser, Danilo; Sester, Martina; Sester, Urban
2018Assay for improved detection of antigen-specific immune cells from extrasanguinous fluidsSchub, David; Fousse, Mathias; Elsäßer, Julia; Faßbender, Klaus; Sester, Urban; Sester, Martina
2015Altered phenotype and functionality of varicella zoster virus-specific cellular immunity in individuals with active infectionSchub, D.; Janssen, E.; Leyking, S.; Sester, U.; Assmann, G.; Hennes, P.; Smola, S.; Vogt, T.; Rohrer, T.; Sester, M.; Schmidt, T.; Sester, Martina
2018Rapid reconstitution of CMV-specific T-cells after stem-cell transplantationWidmann, Thomas; Sester, Urban; Gärtner, Barbara C.; Schubert, Jörg; Pfreundschuh, Michael; Sester, Martina