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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1991Decreasing lead exposure from lead crystal by sol-gel coatingMennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.; Maetze, Gunter; Fink, Claudia; Betzholz, Sabine
2002Nonlinear optical properties of lead sulfide nanocrystals in polymeric coatingsLu, Songwei; Sohling, Ulrich; Mennig, Martin; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1999Zum Einfluß von Sol-Gel-Beschichtungen auf die Spannungsrißkorrosion an FloatglasoberflächenGier, Andreas; Mennig, Martin; Endres, Klaus; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2004Colored coatings on glass based on noble metal colloidsMennig, Martin; Schmitt, Mike; Fink-Straube, Claudia; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1994Gold colloids in sol-gel derived SiO2 coatings on glass and their linear and nonlinear optical propertiesMennig, Martin; Schmitt, Mike; Becker, Ulrich; Jung, Gerald; Schmidt, Helmut K.
2003Development of planarized digital transmission holograms on glass by embossing of thixotropic nano compositesMennig, Martin; Oliveira, Peter William de; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1999Interference coatings on glass based on photopolymerizable nanomer materialMennig, Martin; Oliveira, Peter William de; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1999Low phonon concentration lasing glasses for 1.3 µm amplificationMennig, Martin; Groß, Frank; Lang, Ingo; Sohling, Ulrich; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1995Evolution of the viscosity of mixed organically modified silane sols for the preparation of organic-inorganic monolithic glassSchmidt, Helmut K.; Hoffmann, Bernd; Mennig, Martin; Hou, Lisong
1995Preparation and characterisation of thermomechanical properties of sol-gel derived glasses in the PbO-SiO2-B2O3-ZnO systemMennig, Martin; Kalleder, Axel; Schmidt, Helmut K.