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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1986Preparação de sílica amorfa monolitica e deposição de filmes de TiO2 pelo método sol-gelDos Santos, Dayse Iara; Mohallem, Nelcy Della Santina; Aegerter, Michel A.
1991Determinação in vitro do fator de proteção solar (FPS) de moderadores solaresAlves, Lucas Máximo; Aegerter, Michel A.; Hata, K.
1990Characterization of an all solid-state electrochromic windowTonazzi, Juan Carlos López; Valla, Bruno; Macedo, Marcelo A.; Baudry, Paul; Aegerter, Michel A.; Martins Rodrigues, Ana Candida; Bulhoes, Luis O. S.
1997Uniaxial stress relaxation measurement in fluoroindate glassesBarros Filho, Djalma De A.; Machado Ferraz, A.; Messaddeq, Younes; Aegerter, Michel A.
2007Coloration mechanisms of sol-gel NiO-TiO2 layers studied by EQCMAl-Kahlout, Amal; Aegerter, Michel A.
1995Sol-gel TiO2-SiO2 films as protective coatings against corrosion of 316L stainless steel in H2SO4 solutionsAtik, Mohamed; De Lima Neto, Pedro; Aegerter, Michel A.; Avaca, Luis A.
1999Wet chemical deposition of ATO and ITO coatings using crystalline nanoparticles redispersable in solutionsGoebbert, Christian; Nonninger, Ralph; Aegerter, Michel A.; Schmidt, Helmut K.
1999Application of standard and modified Judd-Ofelt theories to thulium doped fluoroindate glassFlórez, A.; Flórez, M.; Messaddeq, Younes; Aegerter, Michel A.; Porcher, P.
2001Analysis of the topography of a Bragg grating in chalcogenide glassMessaddeq, Sandra H.; Siu Li, M.; Messaddeq, Younes; Werner, Ulf; Lezal, D.; Aegerter, Michel A.
1993Magneto-optical properties of Fi+(2) Center in KCI:SH-Donatti, D. A.; Aegerter, Michel A.; Iida, T.