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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2017SkinMarks: Enabling Interactions on Body Landmarks Using Conformal Skin ElectronicsSteimle, Jürgen; Weigel, Martin; Nittala, Aditya Shekhar; Olwal, Alex
2017SmartSleeve: Real-time Sensing of Surface and Deformation Gestures on Flexible, Interactive Textiles, using a Hybrid Gesture Detection PipelineSteimle, Jürgen; Parzer, Patrick; Scharma, Adwait; Vogl, Anita; Olwal, Alex; Haller, Michael
2019LASEC: Instant Fabrication of Stretchable Circuits Using a Laser CutterSteimle, Jürgen; Groeger, Daniel
2018FingerInput: Capturing Expressive Single-Hand Thumb-to-Finger MicrogesturesSteimle, Jürgen; Soliman, Soliman; Mueller, Franziska; Hegemann, Lena; Sol Roo, Joan; Theobald, Christian
2019Springlets: Expressive, Flexible and Silent On-Skin Tactile InterfacesSteimle, Jürgen; Al-huda Hamdan, Nur; Wagner, Adrian; Voelker, Simon; Borchers, Jan
2019Grasping Microgestures: Eliciting Single-hand Microgestures for Handheld ObjectsSteimle, Jürgen; Sharma, Adwait; Roo, Joan Sol
2017Personalized Interactive Surfaces with Printed ElectronicsSteimle, Jürgen; Withana, Anusha
2017DeformWear: Deformation Input on Tiny Wearable DevicesSteimle, Jürgen; Weigel, Martin
2018Grand Challenges in Shape-Changing Interface ResearchSteimle, Jürgen; Alexander, Jason; Roudaut, Anne; Hornbaek, Kasper; Alonso, Miguel Bruns; Follmer, Sean; Merritt, Timothy
2017Flexibles: Deformation-Aware 3D-Printed Tangibles for Capacitive TouchscreensSchmitz, Martin; Steimle, Jürgen; Huber, Jochen; Dezfuli, Nilofofar; Mühlhäuser, Max