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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2014Time-compressed spoken words enhance driving performance in complex visual scenarios : evidence of crossmodal semantic priming effects in basic cognitive experiments and applied driving simulator studiesCastronovo, Angela
2014Disorders of body cognition following unilateral stroke - neuropsychological basis and modulation by galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS)Schmidt, Lena
2013The work-nonwork interface and well-being at work : a multi-methodological approach on stability, cross-lagged relations, and the role of interindividual differencesReichl, Corinna
2015Neuronal signatures of age differences in context processing : the interplay between cognitive and motivational processesSchmitt, Hannah
2016Seeing by doing: the impact of short-term experience on action understandingMöller, Corina
2016Visuomotorische Therapie bei unilateralem Neglect nach rechtshemisphäriellen Läsionen : eine vergleichende TherapiestudieOpolka, Michael
2015Furthering international perspectives on management and applied psychological research : an evidence-based approachBajwa, Nida ul Habib
2016"Sentio, ergo sum." Therapie somatosensorischer Beeinträchtigungen nach SchlaganfallAdams, Michaela
2016Early social cognition : development and InfluencesMink, Daniela
2015Understanding individual differences in school achievement : the specific and joint impact of motivation and parenting style independent of children's measured intelligenceSu, Ying