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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2019High-temperature rotating cylinder rheometer for studying metallic glass forming liquidsHembree, William; Bochtler, Benedikt; Busch, Ralf
2019Comment on “Sonophotocatalytic degradation of textile dyes over Cu impregnated ZnO catalyst in aqueous solution” by J. Shah et al., Process Saf. Environ. Prot. 2018. 116 (2018) 149–158Spengler, Christian; Faidt, Thomas; Holtsch, Anne; Hähl, Hendrik; Müller, Frank
2017SmartSleeve: Real-time Sensing of Surface and Deformation Gestures on Flexible, Interactive Textiles, using a Hybrid Gesture Detection PipelineSteimle, Jürgen; Parzer, Patrick; Scharma, Adwait; Vogl, Anita; Olwal, Alex; Haller, Michael
2017Involvement of two uptake mechanisms of gold and iron oxide nanoparticles in a co-exposure scenario using mouse macrophagesVanhecke, Dimitri; Kuhn, Dagmar A.; Jimenez de Aberasturi, Dorleta; Balog, Sandor; Milosevic, Ana; Urban, Dominic; Peckys, Diana; de Jonge, Niels; Parak, Wolfgang J.; Petri-Fink, Alke; Rothen-Rutishauser, Barbara
2017Cigarette smoking induces only marginal changes in sperm DNA methylation levels of patients undergoing intracytoplasmic sperm injection treatmentAlkhaled, Yaser; Tierling, Sascha; Laqqan, Mohammed; Lo Porto, Christina; Hammadeh, M. E.
2017Unsichtbares im Theater: Das Leben als (Klar)Traum in Rafael Spregelburds "Lúcido"Reinstädler, Janett
2017Development of a Transparent Scratch Resistant Coating through Direct Oxidation of Al-Coated Glass Mousavi, Sayed H.; Jilavi, Mohammad H.; Koch, Marcus; Arzt, Eduard; de Oliveira, Peter W.
2018General synthesis of primary amines via reductive amination employing a reusable nickel catalystHahn, G.; Kunnas, Peter; de Jonge, Niels; Kempe, Rhett
2019Analysis of Breast Cancer Cell Subpopulations for the Expression and Distribution of HER2 and their Response to Anti-Cancer Drugs Using Electron MicroscopyBlach, Patricia; Weinberg, Florian; Peckys, Diana; Dahmke, Indra N.; de Jonge, Niels
2019Development of a nonintrusive pressure sensor for polymer tubes based on dielectric elastomer membranesLoew, Philipp; Brill, Marius; Rizzello, Gianluca; Seelecke, Stefan