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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2003An explanation for the logarithmic connection between linear and morphological system theoryBurgeth, Bernhard; Weickert, Joachim
2003On the equivalence of soft wavelet shrinkage, total variation diffusion, total variation regularization, and SIDEsSteidl, Gabriele; Weickert, Joachim; Brox, Thomas; Mrázek, Pavel; Welk, Martin
2005A multigrid platform for real-time motion computation with discontinuity-preserving variational methodsBruhn, Andrés; Weickert, Joachim; Kohlberger, Timo; Schnörr, Christoph
2005Median and related local filters for tensor-valued imagesWelk, Martin; Weickert, Joachim; Becker, Florian; Schnörr, Christoph; Feddern, Christian; Burgeth, Bernhard
2005Morphology for matrix data : ordering versus PDE-based approachBurgeth, Bernhard; Bruhn, Andres; Didas, Stephan; Weickert, Joachim; Welk, Martin
2005A survey on variational optic flow methods for small displacementsWeickert, Joachim; Bruhn, Andrés; Brox, Thomas; Papenberg, Nils
2005A shock-capturing algorithm for the differential equations of dilation and erosionBreuß, Michael; Weickert, Joachim
2005Adaptive structure tensors and their applicationsBrox, Thomas; van den Boomgaard, Rein; Lauze, Francois; van de Weijer, Jost; Weickert, Joachim; Mrazek, Pavel; Kornprobst, Pierre
2005PDEs for tensor image processingWeickert, Joachim; Feddern, Christian; Welk, Martin; Burgeth, Bernhard; Brox, Thomas
2004Confidence measures for variational optic flow methodsBruhn, Andrés; Weickert, Joachim