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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1994An abstract machine for an object-oriented language with top-level classesBöschen, Christoph; Fecht, Christian; Hense, Andreas V., et al
2006Analysis of communication topologies by partner abstractionBauer, Jörg
2012Analysis of preemptively scheduled hard real-time systemsAltmeyer, Sebastian
2011Assessing test qualitySchuler, David
1987Attribute (re)evaluation in OPTRANLipps, Peter; Möncke, Ulrich; Olk, Matthias, et al
1997Cache behavior prediction by abstract interpretationFerdinand, Christian; Martin, Florian; Wilhelm, Reinhard, et al
2013Cache persistence analysis for embedded real-time systemsCullmann, Christoph
2007CGiS : high-level data-parallel GPU programmingLucas, Philipp
2015Cluster abstraction of graph transformation systemsBackes, Peter
1997Fast and Efficient Cache Behavior PredictionFerdinand, Christian; Wilhelm, Reinhard
1995Formula layoutHeckmann, Reinhold; Wilhelm, Reinhard
1995Generating analyzers with PAGAlt, Martin; Martin, Florian; Wilhelm, Reinhard
1993Generation of distributed supervisors for parallel compilersAlt, Martin; Sander, Georg; Wilhelm, Reinhard
2010ILP-based path analysis on abstract pipeline state graphsStein, Ingmar Jendrik
2018Integrated timing verification for distributed embedded real-time systemsMontag, Pascal
2016On confluence and semantic full abstraction of lambda calculus languagesMüller, Fritz
1999Pipeline behavior prediction for superscalar processorsSchneider, Jörn; Ferdinand, Christian; Wilhelm, Reinhard
2015Processor pipelines in WCET analysisAbdel Maksoud, Mohamed
2007Repeating the past experimental and empirical methods in system and software securityNeuhaus, Stephan
2009SIMD code generation in data-parallel programmingFritz, Nicolas