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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2005A conservative shock filter model for the numerical approximation of conservation lawsBreuß, Michael; Welk, Martin
2004Curvature-driven PDE methods for matrix-valued imagesFeddern, Christian; Weickert, Joachim; Burgeth, Bernhard, et al
2008Image compression with anisotropic diffusionGalic, Irena; Weickert, Joachim; Welk, Martin, et al
2005Mathematical morphology for tensor data induced by the Loewner orderingin higher dimensionsBurgeth, Bernhard; Papenberg, Nils; Bruhn, Andres, et al
2005Mathematical morphology on tensor data using the Loewner orderingBurgeth, Bernhard; Feddern, Christian; Welk, Martin, et al
2005Median and related local filters for tensor-valued imagesWelk, Martin; Weickert, Joachim; Becker, Florian, et al
2005Morphology for matrix data : ordering versus PDE-based approachBurgeth, Bernhard; Bruhn, Andres; Didas, Stephan, et al
2003On the equivalence of soft wavelet shrinkage, total variation diffusion, total variation regularization, and SIDEsSteidl, Gabriele; Weickert, Joachim; Brox, Thomas, et al
2005PDEs for tensor image processingWeickert, Joachim; Feddern, Christian; Welk, Martin, et al
2006Staircasing in semidiscrete stabilised inverse diffusion algorithmsBreuß, Michael; Welk, Martin
2005Tensor field interpolation with PDEsWeickert, Joachim; Welk, Martin
2005Theoretical foundations for 1-D shock filteringWelk, Martin; Weickert, Joachim; Galic, Irena
2008A variational approach to the registration of tensor-valued imagesBarbieri, Sebastiano; Welk, Martin; Weickert, Joachim