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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2007Advanced methods for query routing in peer-to-peer information retrievalBender, Matthias
2015Algorithmic building blocks for relationship analysis over large graphsSeufert, Stephan
2017Alignment of multi-cultural knowledge repositoriesBoldyrev, Natalia
2008Approximate information filtering in structured peer-to-peer networksZimmer, Christian
2012Automatic extraction of facts, relations, and entities for web-scale knowledge base populationNakashole, Ndapandula T.
2013Automatic population of knowledge bases with multimodal data about named entitiesTaneva, Bilyana
2017Biomedical knowledge base construction from text and its applications in knowledge-based systemsErnst, Patrick
2005Combination Methods for Automatic Document OrganizationSiersdorfer, Stefan
2016Commonsense knowledge acquisition and applicationsTandon, Niket
2017Constructing lexicons of relational phrasesGrycner, Adam
2019Credibility analysis of textual claims with explainable evidencePopat, Kashyap Kiritbhai
1996Data partitioning and load balancing in parallel disk systemsScheuermann, Peter; Weikum, Gerhard; Zabback, Peter
2009Decentralized link analysis in peer-to-peer web search networksParreira, Josiane Xavier
2015Discovering and disambiguating named entities in textHoffart, Johannes
2016Distributed querying of large labeled graphsGurajada, Sairam
2012Effective searching of RDF knowledge basesElbassuoni, Shady
2016Efficient knowledge management for named entities from textDutta, Sourav
2014Efficient querying and learning in probabilistic and temporal databasesDylla, Maximilian
2018Enhancing Privacy and Fairness in Search SystemsBiega, Joanna
2010Graph-based methods for large-scale multilingual knowledge integrationMelo, Gerard de