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2009Adaptive continuous-scale morphology for matrix fieldsBurgeth, Bernhard; Pizarro, Luis; Breuß, Michael, u.a.
2005Adaptive structure tensors and their applicationsBrox, Thomas; van den Boomgaard, Rein; Lauze, Francois, u.a.
2005Colour, texture, and motion in level set based segmentation and trackingBrox, Thomas; Rousson, Mikael; Deriche, Rachid, u.a.
2016Competitive image compression with linear PDEsHoffmann, Sebastian
2004Confidence measures for variational optic flow methodsBruhn, Andrés; Weickert, Joachim
2011Correspondence problems in computer vision : novel models, numerics, and applicationsZimmer, Henning Lars
2004Curvature-driven PDE methods for matrix-valued imagesFeddern, Christian; Weickert, Joachim; Burgeth, Bernhard, u.a.
2008Denoising and enhancement of digital images : variational methods, integrodifferential equations, and waveletsDidas, Stephan
2002Diffusion and regularization of vector- and matrix-valued imagesWeickert, Joachim; Brox, Thomas
2003Diffusion-inspired shrinkage functions and stability results for wavelet denoisingMrázek, Pavel; Weickert, Joachim; Steidl, Gabriele
2008Efficient numerical techniques for perspective shape from shadingBreuß, Michael; Vogel, Oliver; Weickert, Joachim
2003An explanation for the logarithmic connection between linear and morphological system theoryBurgeth, Bernhard; Weickert, Joachim
2013Fast explicit methods for PDE-based image analysisGrewenig, Sven
2002Fast methods for implicit active contour modelsWeickert, Joachim; Kühne, Gerald
2015Feature invariance versus change estimation in variational motion estimationDemetz, Oliver
2006Fully automated segmentation and morphometrical analysis of muscle fibre imagesKim, Yoo-Jin; Brox, Thomas; Feiden, Wolfgang, u.a.
2007A general structure tensor concept and coherence-enhancing diffusion filtering for matrix fieldsBurgeth, Bernhard; Didas, Stephan; Weickert, Joachim
2007A generic approach to diffusion filtering of matrix-fieldsBurgeth, Bernhard; Didas, Stephan; Florack, Luc, u.a.
2011Hardware-accelerated algorithms in visual computingGwosdek, Pascal
2003High performance cluster computing with 3-D nonlinear diffusion filtersBruhn, Andrés; Jakob, Tobias; Fischer, Markus, u.a.