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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2019Effects of Arteriovenous Fistula on Blood Pressure in Patients With End-Stage Renal Disease: A Systematic Meta-AnalysisScholz, Sean S.; Vukadinović Davor, Davor; Lauder, Lucas, et al
2016Die genetische Prädisposition bei atopischer Dermatitis anhand von Polymorphismen : Eine MetaanalyseKilic, Nura
2019Image quality to estimate ventricular ejection fraction by last year medical students improves after short courses of trainingHüppe, Tobias; Groesdonk, Heinrich Volker; Volk, Thomas, et al
2016A meta-analysis about the influence of homozygosity in ADH, ALDH, GABA-A receptor and Dopamine receptor D2 genes on the risk of alcohol dependenceSchmitt, Matthias Michael
2016Metaanalyse zur genetischen Prädisposition bei Morbus Alzheimer anhand von PolymorphismenSchütz, Claudia Alexandra
2017Metaanalyse zur genetischen Prädisposition bei Parodontitis unter Verwendung von PolymorphismenHuber, Maximilian Dominik
2017Metaanalyse zur genetischen Prädisposition beim Urothelkarzinom anhand von PolymorphismenWildenberg, Lena
2020Noninvasive monitoring of liver fat during treatment with GLP‐1 analogues and SGLT‐2 inhibitors in a real‐world settingMittag‐Roussou, Vasiliki; Wagenpfeil, Stefan; Lammert, Frank, et al
2018Quantile reference values for peak oxygen uptake: Cross-sectional study of 9,354 adult participants of cardiopulmonary exercise tests using cycle ergometry in three German cities.Rapp, Daniel