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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2016Autonomous learning of object behavior concepts and models through robotic interactionRoa Ovalle, Sergio
2019Comparative Quality Estimation for Machine Translation. An Application of Artificial Intelligence on Language Technology using Machine Learning of Human PreferencesAvramidis, Eleftherios
1994COSMA - multi-participant NL interaction for appointment schedulingBusemann, Stephan; Oepen, Stephan; Hinkelman, Elizabeth A., et al
2012Cross-lingual question answeringSacaleanu, Bogdan Eugen
1994DISCO - an HPSG-based NLP system and its application for appointment schedulingUszkoreit, Hans; Backofen, Rolf; Busemann, Stephan, et al
2012Extraction of ontology schema components from financial newsVela, Mihaela
2013Hybrid machine translation using binary classification models trained on joint, binarised feature vectorsFedermann, Christian
2006Integrating deep and shallow natural language processing components : representations and hybrid architecturesSchäfer, Ulrich
2012Learning Chinese language structures with multiple viewsSun, Weiwei
1991Linking typed feature formalisms and terminological knowledge representation languages in natural language front-endsBackofen, Rolf; Trost, Harald; Uszkoreit, Hans
1993Report of the EAGLES Workshop on Implemented Formalisms at DFKI, Saarbrücken-
2011The SEMAINE API : a component integration framework for a naturally interacting and emotionally competent embodied conversational agentSchröder, Marc
2018Speech verification for computer assisted pronunciation trainingAi, Renlong
1991Strategies for adding control information to declarative grammarsUszkoreit, Hans
2011Synthesis of listener vocalizations : towards interactive speech synthesisPammi, Sathish Chandra
1999Tagging and parsing with cascaded Markov models : automation of corpus annotationBrants, Thorsten