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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
1991Attributive description formalisms and the rest of the worldNebel, Bernhard; Smolka, Gert
1992A complete and recursive feature theoryBackofen, Rolf; Smolka, Gert
1994The definition of kernel OzSmolka, Gert
2007Dependency structures and lexicalized grammarsKuhlmann, Marco
2006Design and implementation of a programmable middlewareKornstädt, Leif Tobias
2009Dynamic programming based RNA pseudoknot alignmentMöhl, Mathias
1994Encapsulated search and constraint programming in OzSchulte, Christian; Smolka, Gert; Würtz, Jörg
2019Engineering formal systems in constructive type theorySchäfer, Steven
2006Extensible Dependency Grammar: a modular grammar formalism based on multigraph descriptionDebusmann, Ralph
1992A feature-based constraint system for logic programming with entailmentAït-Kaci, Hassan; Podelski, Andreas; Smolka, Gert
2019Formal verification of the equivalence of system F and the pure type system L2Kaiser, Jonas
2012Incremental decision procedures for modal logics with nominals and eventualitiesKaminski, Mark
2015A machine-checked constructive metatheory of computation tree logicDoczkal, Christian
2019Mechanising syntax with binders in CoqStark, Kathrin
2006Multi-dimensional dependency grammar as multigraph descriptionDebusmann, Ralph; Smolka, Gert
1993Object-oriented concurrent constraint programming in OzSmolka, Gert; Henz, Martin; Würtz, Jörg
1991On the expressivity of feature logics with negation, functional uncertainty, and sort equationsBaader, Franz; Bürckert, Hans-Jürgen; Nebel, Bernhard, et al
1995The Oz programming modelSmolka, Gert
1994Polymorphic type inference for object-oriented programming languagesHense, Andreas V.
1993Principal types for object-oriented languagesHense, Andreas V.; Smolka, Gert