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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2008Advanced methods for relightable scene representations in image spaceFuchs, Martin
2019Artificial Intelligence for Efficient Image-based View SynthesisLeimkühler, Thomas
2006Computational differential geometry tools for surface interrogation, fairing, and designYoshizawa, Shin
2004Conceptual free-form styling in virtual environmentsWesche, Gerold
2014Constrained camera motion estimation and 3D reconstructionKurz, Christian
2008Contours and contrastSmith, Kaleigh
2013Data driven analysis of faces from imagesScherbaum, Kristina
2014Data-driven approaches for interactive appearance editingNguyen, Hoang Chuong
2004Daylight simulation with photon mapsSchregle, Roland
2011Deformable shape matchingTevs, Art
2015Depth, shading, and stylization in stereoscopic cinematographyTemplin, Krzysztof
2006Dynamic remeshing and applicationsVorsatz, Jens
2015Efficient methods for physically-based rendering of participating mediaElek, Oskar
2008Efficient shadow map filteringAnnen, Thomas
2005Faces and hands : modeling and animating anatomical and photorealistic models with regard to the communicative competence of virtual humansAlbrecht, Irene
2005From Image-based Motion Analysis to Free-Viewpoint VideoTheobalt, Christian
2010GPU data structures for graphics and visionZiegler, Gernot
2016High dynamic range imaging: problems of video exposure bracketing, luminance calibration and gloss editingGryaditskaya, Yulia
2009High quality dynamic reflectance and surface reconstruction from videoAhmed, Naveed
2008Image compression with anisotropic diffusionGalic, Irena; Weickert, Joachim; Welk, Martin, et al