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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2015Analyse kalziumabhängiger Exozytose von Large Dense Core Vesicles in Chromaffinzellen bei Snapin defizienten MäusenUnzicker, Michael
2015ArfGAP3 Is a Component of the Photoreceptor Synaptic Ribbon Complex and Forms an NAD(H)-Regulated, Redox-Sensitive Complex with RIBEYE That Is Important for EndocytosisDembla, Mayur Harish
2010CAPS (Ca2+-dependent Activator Protein for Secretion) Promotes Maturation of Large Dense Core Vesicles in Adrenal MedullaLiu, Yuanyuan
2008CAPS facilitates filling of the rapidly releasable pool of large dense-core vesiclesLiu, Yuanyuan; Schirra, Claudia; Stevens, David R., et al
2005CAPS1 regulates catecholamine loading of large dense-core vesiclesSpeidel, Dina; Bruederle, Cathrin E.; Enk, Carsten, et al
2007Changes in mobility can relate to molecular states in large dense core vesiclesNofal Ibrahim El Sayed, Shahira
2010Charakterisierung des HCSP : Die Rolle von Snapin und Complexin II in der hoch-calcium-sensitiven ExozytoseSchmidt, Tobias
2016Cytotoxic Granule Endocytosis in Primary Mouse Cytotoxic T LymphocytesChang, Hsin-Fang
2012Etablierung von Photoaktivierter Lokalisations- und Stochastischer Optischer Rekonstruktionsmikroskopie und Anwendung an zytotoxischen T-Lymphozyten und Chromaffinzellen der NebenniereMedart, Moritz Ruben
2009Gleichzeitige Beobachtung der Exozytose in Chromaffinzellen mit einer Kombination von Interner Totalreflektions-Fluoreszenz-Mikroskopie und MembrankapazitätsmessungPasche, Mathias
2012Identifikation der Munc13 Isoformen und ihre Funktion während der Sekretion von Lysosomen in T-LymphozytenDudenhöffer-Pfeifer, Monika
2010Molecular and functional Characterization of Ribeye-GCAP2 Interaction in the Photoreceptor Ribbon SynapseVenkatesan, Jagadeesh Kumar
2014Der molekulare Primingmechanismus von CAPS : Kontrolluntersuchungen zur Open-Syntaxin-HypotheseSchneider, Johannes Martin
2013Simultaneous capacitance and TIRF measurements from lytic granule fusion in primary human cytotoxic T lymphocytesMing, Min
2006Studies of the different neuronal presynaptic vesicle pools and the role of the presynaptic protein a-/b-SGT [alpha-/beta-SGT] in neuronsLinsler, Stefan
2013Syntaxin11 serves as a t-SNARE for the final fusion step of lytic granules in human cytotoxic t lymphocytesHalimani, Mahantappa
2009Syntaxin7 is required for lytic granule release from cytotoxic T lymphocytesPattu, Varsha
2016The Role of Synaptobrevin2 in Exo-Endocytosis in Primary Mouse Cytotoxic T LymphocytesBzeih, Hawraa