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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)Open Access
2018Algorithmic Results for Clustering and Refined Physarum AnalysisKolev, Pavel
2016Algorithms for classical and modern scheduling problemsOtt, Sebastian
1984Algorithms for routing in planar graphsBecker, Michael; Mehlhorn, Kurt
2015Application of multiplicative weights update method in algorithmic game theoryRamezani, Fahimeh
2017Approximation algorithms for Vietoris-Rips and Čech filtrationsChoudhary, Aruni
1978Arbitrary weight changes in dynamic treesMehlhorn, Kurt
2001Average-case complexity of shortest-paths problemsPriebe, Volker
1976Binary search trees: average and worst case behaviorGüttler, Rainer; Mehlhorn, Kurt; Schneider, Wolfgang
2006Boolean operations on 3D selective Nef complexes : data structure, algorithms, optimized implementation, experiments and applicationsHachenberger, Peter
1975Bracket-languages are recognizable in logarithmic spaceMehlhorn, Kurt
1990Can a maximum flow be computed in o(nm) time?Cheriyan, Joseph; Hagerup, Torben; Mehlhorn, Kurt
1978Codes : unequal probabilities, unequal letter costsAltenkamp, Doris; Mehlhorn, Kurt
1978Complexity arguments in algebraic language theoryAlt, Helmut; Mehlhorn, Kurt
1987Congruence, similarity and symmetries of geometric objectsAlt, Helmut; Mehlhorn, Kurt; Wagener, Hubert, et al
1988Constructive Hopf´s theorem : or how to untangle closed planar curvesMehlhorn, Kurt; Yap, Chee-Keng
1989Data structuresMehlhorn, Kurt; Tsakalidis, A.
1976Dynamic binary searchMehlhorn, Kurt
1988Dynamic deferred data structuringChing, Y. T.; Mehlhorn, Kurt
1986Dynamic fractional cascadingMehlhorn, Kurt; Näher, Stefan
1978An efficient algorithm for constructing nearly optimal prefix codesMehlhorn, Kurt